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Photo of Simran Kang Simran Kang CEO & Co-Founder
CEO Startup Chair

Organize and securely store your financial information, critical contacts and documents in one place.

Photo of Soroush Karimzadeh Soroush Karimzadeh CEO
CEO Growth Member

Novarc Technologies is a Vancouver-based robotics company specializing in the design and commercialization of collaborative robots for industrial applications.

Photo of Takahiro Kato Takahiro Kato Principal Engineer
Saas CTO Member

CoPilot AI is a SaaS company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company’s vision and mission is to create a kinder capitalism by enhancing digital human interactions.

Photo of Shannon Kaustinen Shannon Kaustinen CFO
CFO Member

We work to solve the fragmentation of healthcare. We are a team of highly experienced clinicians and technologists that have come together on a mission: SIMPLER and BETTER health care, through one digital platform that connects everyone to enable optimal health.

Photo of Natalie Korenic Natalie Korenic Head of Marketing and Communications
CMO Member

Aspect Biosystems is a biotechnology company developing bioprinted tissue therapeutics to transform how we treat disease. By combining its proprietary microfluidic 3D bioprinting technology, therapeutic cells, and materials science, Aspect is creating a pipeline of allogeneic cell-based tissue therapeutics to replace or repair damaged organ functions. The company is also partnering with leading researchers and industry innovators worldwide to tackle the biggest challenges in regenerative medicine.

Photo of Galyna Kostromine Galyna Kostromine General Counsel
In House Counsel Chair

PressReader is an award-winning digital platform that’s home to over 7,000 premium newspapers and magazines. We’ve partnered with thousands of publishers to bring readers on-demand access to the stories that matter to them. Using their phone or tablet, readers can subscribe for unlimited access, or get the full experience sponsored by one of our business partners.…

Photo of Darian Kovacs Darian Kovacs Founding Partner
CMO Member

Jelly is a Digital Marketing and PR firm located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia providing Digital Ads, Social Media and Public Relations services to clients Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and across Canada. As a trusted Google Partner, we host professional development events, and provide consultations and training for AdWords and Analytics. We pride ourselves as being part of the Canadian Public Relations Society as well as a pioneer of the Digital Marketing Certificate.…

Photo of Annalea Krebs Annalea Krebs CEO and Founder
CEO Growth Member

At Social Nature we believe change starts in the shopping basket. And so we’re on a mission to change consumer habits and help more people #maketheswitch to healthy and sustainable products on their next shopping trip. We do this by driving targeted trial at retail for innovative food, health and wellness brands across North America with our Digital Demos solution.

Photo of Alexandra Kutilin Townsend Alexandra Kutilin Townsend Director of operations
CEO Startup Member

Daanaa’s semiconductor technology provides power transactions freely, safely, and efficiently. Power, together with data, travels medium and modality free.