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C-Council Directory

Photo of Neo Wang Neo Wang
CEO Startup Member

We are a privately-held company with a long history (since 1974) of continued growth, expansion, and evolution as we add the services and expertise our clients need to be successful. We began as Audit-Tel, quickly becoming the leading provider of financial telecom management services in the retail industry using our proprietary software. Over the years we have added healthcare, property management, and other clients to our portfolio.…

Photo of Gabriella Wardojo Gabriella Wardojo Marketing Manager
CMO Member

InTime is a provider of workforce management software that is purpose-built for public safety and trusted by 500+ public safety agencies. With over 25 years in the public safety sector, InTime has the proven expertise in understanding the complex scheduling needs of law enforcement, fire, corrections, and dispatch agencies. InTime is comprised of a breadth of capabilities and modules, the core of which are Staff Scheduling, Timekeeping, and Overtime Management.…

Photo of Alec Wenzowski Alec Wenzowski President & Co-Founder
CEO Scale Member

Button builds reliable digital services technology for government & industry. From emissions reporting and contact tracing to organizing data, we help governments create easy-to-use systems that maximize citizen impact. Button’s Agile, multidisciplinary teams work in parallel with policy development to exceed the highest standards of usability and security, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Photo of Brian Wideen Brian Wideen VP finance
CFO Member

GrowthWorks is a venture capital firm. We have made over $800 million in venture capital investments in over 200 companies. We have won 3 CVCA Deal of The Year Awards, second only to BDC who has won 4.

Photo of Jennifer Williams Jennifer Williams Owner
Digital Health Member

EpiTracker is an uncomplicated web-based application that prevents infection outbreaks by providing timely, complete data tracking to inform intervention strategies.

Photo of Jacqueline Winter Jacqueline Winter CFO
CFO Member

With ActiveState, developers can develop applications faster as they focus on writing code, not building runtimes. And enterprises can secure their open source supply chain while meeting compliance and reducing management costs. ActiveState, provides enterprise grade programming language distributions backed with cross-platform consistency, commercial technical support, security reviews, license reviews, and indemnification. Our products and services directly address the challenges faced by enterprises trying to manage the risks and complexities of large scale open source language implementations.

Photo of Jay Wood Jay Wood Director of people
Talent Member

Bring people together. Thoughtexchange lets you lead challenging conversations about things that matter.

Using Thoughtexchange, you can quickly and easily connect with your team to solve problems together. The Thoughtexchange app lets you ask an open-ended question and invite groups of 10 or 10,000 people to answer it in what’s called an “exchange.” Not only do people submit their own answers, they also get to rate other participants’ answers, so the most popular ideas rise to the top.…

Photo of Caitlin Woodward Caitlin Woodward General Counsel
In House Counsel Member

Trulioo offers the most robust and comprehensive global identity verification solution in the market. Through one single portal/API, Trulioo can assist you with all your AML/KYC identity verification requirements by providing secure access to over 5 billion identities worldwide. The Trulioo mission of trust, privacy and inclusion is about recreating the trust of a village, but on a global scale.…