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Photo of Sharan Oberoi Sharan Oberoi Founder and Managing Partner
CEO Scale Member

OnActuate is a fast emerging business focused on delivering technical solutions that solve business challenges. Its team of digital transformation specialists and system integrators operate primarily with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365, and Dynamics CRM.

Photo of Shawn Ostheimer Shawn Ostheimer Founder and President
CEO Growth Member, CEO Scale Member

Since 1994, The Answer Company has been helping organizations answer questions about investments in technology and information systems.

Photo of Roddy Ouano Roddy Ouano Director of Marketing
CMO Member

Novus – we’re those nice people that provide a hassle-free solution to your TV, Internet, and home phone woes. We’ve been serving apartments, condos, and businesses in Metro Vancouver with our digital services via a fibre optic network since 1996 and we’re growing everyday.