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In October 2021 we asked our members what was the biggest challenge they are facing in the near-term:

In September 2021 we asked our members their expectations for revenue growth in the coming 6 months:

In June 2021 we found things much improved for our members:

In May 2021 we asked members for feedback on the Federal and Provincial budgets:

In April 2021 we asked our members about the challenges tech companies face in BC:

In March 2021 we found things much improved for our members:

In June, we surveyed our members on the impact of Covid-19 on their businesses:

Our surveys of BC’s tech companies tell us:

80% of BC tech companies have seen a negative revenue/order impact with only 20% stable or increasing
50% of those seeing a negative revenue/order impact are down by 30% or more
90% of BC tech companies have implemented measures to cut costs to extend the runway of existing capital
50% of tech companies are not hiring – but – positively 50% are still hiring at this time
60% of tech companies have pivoted their business as a consequence of COVID, many to provide pro bono services and support to others, some to launch new products and services on their platform

We’ve moved our programs, C-Councils and other member services to a virtual model and more details are available at the links below.  Please keep communication coming in to our team members or to Your feedback on challenges and ideas are welcome.

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