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The BC Tech #StartupSchool provides members with the tools and knowledge to grow their technology. The suite of on-demand courses helps companies develop a minimum viable product (MVP), validate their business model, build their team, market to target customers and effectively access capital.

Learn more about the courses below and apply for access today to start accelerating your growth!


  • Entrepreneurial Journey
    Entrepreneurship is not a ‘one size fits all’ path. Learn more about the work-life challenges you may face on your journey and about how to approach them with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Organizational Planning
    Entrepreneurship can be exciting, and your technology can have a big impact on the work. Make sure you are setup for success with this deep dive into business organization and planning.
  • Opportunity Assessment
    Learning how to assess opportunities so you can decide when and where to go after them, or whether to pursue them at all, is a crucial skill for a startup entrepreneur.
  • Hiring and Recruitment
    Learn the basics of people operations, from planning and recruitment to hiring and making offers.
  • Capital Planning
    Explore the ins-and-outs of capital planning including how, when and why you will raise money throughout the lifetime of your organization.
  • Sales 101
    Learn about how to set-up your sales team for success.
  • Investor Readiness
    Gain insight into capital options available and how to access them effectively.
  • Going Global
    Learn how to assess your readiness for exporting or expanding internationally, how to plan your approach and how to get your company ready to ‘go global’.
  • Enterprise Sales
    Leveraging a disciplined sales structure will build long-term growth and profitability.
  • Managing Growing Teams
    Learn how to scale and manage staff to maximize long-term success and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Partnering with Large Enterprises
    Explore the factors to consider before pursuing a partnership with a large enterprise to maximize long-term success.
  • Marketing 101
    Find how your marketing plan can position your brand, reach prospective consumers and turn them into loyal customers.