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C-Council Directory

Photo of Adrian Pape Adrian Pape VP of Finance
CFO Member

Klue is an AI-powered Competitive Enablement platform designed to help product marketers collect, curate, and deliver actionable competitor insights to empower revenue teams to win more business. Klue enables enterprise sales teams to win more business by providing dynamic insights about competitors. The platform uniquely brings together external competitive intel and internal knowledge from your team in the field.…

Photo of Shraddha Parikh Shraddha Parikh Head of Talent
Talent (D&I) Member

Trulioo has been recognized as a “CNBC Disruptor 50 Company”, named by BC Tech Association as “Emerging Company of the Year” and “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. Trulioo offers the most robust and comprehensive global identity verification solution in the market. Through one single portal/API, Trulioo can assist you with all your AML/KYC identity verification requirements by providing secure access to over 5 billion identities worldwide.…

Photo of Eolo Parusel Eolo Parusel COO
CEO Growth Member

Nfluence Analytics offers a predictive analytics solution originally developed by a team of data scientists and researchers at the University of Southern California and the University of Minnesota that detects a new signal within a company’s customer database: word-of-mouth advocates.

Photo of Drashti Patel Drashti Patel Founder & CEO
AI Member

We are an IT-based consulting company leveraging the potential of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence strategies to improve business performance. Our services include 3D Computer Vision, Object detection, AI of trading, Deep learning, Video Analysis, Machine learning Problem, and all AI-related services.

Photo of Kelly Paukszto Kelly Paukszto Vice President, Plans & Controls
CFO Member

IFD Corporation was formed to develop, with utility partners, a reliable low-cost sensor suitable for detection and indication of internal arcing faults in distribution transformers. In 2002 we shipped our first sensor to a utility customer. Today, customers in Canada, the USA, and around the world use and have come to trust our reliable technology. Our team development approach, with innovative industry partners, has delivered a practical solution for the distribution system of today’s, and tomorrow’s, utilities.…

Photo of George Philip George Philip Director & Co-Founder
AI Member

We are a trusted company headquartered in Victoria BC, Canada with offices in Vancouver, Portland, and Kerala, India. We specialize in low code software development, App Development, IoT Applications and are focused on ensuring the highest quality, most cost-effective, personalized and targeted strategies satisfying the technology needs. Our expertise lies in low code software development, integration, and building custom solutions for Startups and SMEs.…

Photo of Terri Phillips Terri Phillips CEO
Startup CEO Member

Wilma is the first membership-based, Women Driving Women ride hailing service in Canada. Founded by Wilma CEO – Terri Phipps and the SVP of Partnerships – Mary Morrison, we are dedicated to the empowerment and safety of women – wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and girlfriends, AND to the women who will be economically empowered by driving them safely.…

Photo of Kayvan Pishghadam Kayvan Pishghadam COO
Cleantech Member

ENVO is North America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of safe and highly efficient electric mobility vehicles for the road, snow, and water. Supported by an in-house engineering research and development team, ENVO has a future-proof vision to become the preferred e-mobility choice for the sustainable future of our planet.Our innovative range of products are engineered to provide safe e-mobility solutions that are technologically-advanced and offer best-in-class value, outstanding quality assurance, and an exceptional customer experience.…

Photo of Barry Po Barry Po EVP & Chief Marketing Officer
Cleantech Member

mCloud is creating a more efficient future through the use of AI and analytics. By tapping into the power of data, we’re maximizing the health and performance of critical energy infrastructure, such as HVAC units in commercial buildings, wind turbines, and electrical transformers. Our asset management solutions help businesses all over the world get bottom line results.

Photo of Mike Pollard Mike Pollard VP Finance & Sales Operations
CFO Member

FINCAD is the leading provider of enterprise portfolio and risk analytics for multi-asset derivatives and fixed income. An industry standard since 1990, our advanced analytics, flexible architecture and patented technology enable financial institutions to make better investment and risk decisions. Our goal is to provide our clients with solutions that help them achieve their goals, with no compromises.…

Photo of Kyle Porter Kyle Porter CEO and Co-Founder
CEO Growth C-Council Chair

Bit Quill Technologies is a software development services company that works with leading software and technology companies. Bit Quill was founded by a group of world-class engineers who share a passion for working with leading technologies to solve hard problems, and have a track record in doing so for major software companies. Our focus on technology and our experience provide us a solid platform with which to deliver the most sustainable, highest-quality solutions for our customers needs.

Photo of Sally Powell Sally Powell General Manager
Digital Health Member

At PAI Health, our mission is to become the global health standard for physical activity by delivering personalized digital solutions to promote, inspire and instill active lifestyle habits that lead to improved health outcomes and quality of life. Our strategic alliances include corporate wellness and health platforms, insurance companies, wearable manufacturers, and other industry partners.

Photo of Karl Pringle Karl Pringle CEO
Digital Health Member

GenXys, with global headquarters in Vancouver Canada, provides the world’s most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions with embedded pharmacogenetics to solve one of healthcare’s biggest challenges; inappropriate (“trial-and-error”) prescribing. Our clinical decision support software suite is in use by major insurance providers, health systems and pharmacies across North America. Ongoing global clinical studies are paving the way into geographical markets to enable GenXys to realize its vision of powering every prescription with their software to increase patient safety, improve population health and reduce healthcare costs.