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Photo of Zack Eberwein Zack Eberwein CEO
CEO Growth Member

Stoko was born in 2017 when an Olympian and an engineer set out to build a knee brace that athletes actually wanted to wear. Our team went back to basics, designing a completely new experience. By incorporating support directly into apparel, we are able to offer a product that is just as supportive as a rigid brace, but fits seamlessly into your life.

Photo of Gord Elder Gord Elder VP Products
Product Member

The Cymax Group of brands offers unparalleled knowledge of the complete eCommerce experience gained through years of building a platform that serves manufacturers, retailers and end-consumers. We’re transforming eCommerce with a complete and scalable online platform that provides seamless customer acquisition, merchandising and logistics capabilities. With technology solutions built to make eCommerce simple, we function as a powerful supply chain management solution for organizations of all sizes.…

Photo of Eran Elizur Eran Elizur CEO
Digital Health Member

IKOMED is Vancouver-based medical-device Technology Company. Our AEGIS is a shutter system that incorporates machine learning and image processing to reduce X-ray radiation in fluoroscopy by over 60% as proven in clinical-studies. Fluoroscopy is an X-Ray based imaging technology widely used to guide minimally-invasive procedures where catheters are inserted into patients’ bodies for treatment. These procedures reduce the need for surgery but expose patients and staff to large amounts of radiation.

Photo of Jordan Ell Jordan Ell Chief Technology Officer
Saas CTO Member

Riipen is enabling transformative opportunities for companies to collaborate with post-secondary students on real-time, real-world challenges that are embedded directly into coursework.

Photo of Jason Elliott Jason Elliott Co-Founder
CEO Startup Member

Perfectly Snug is a sleep products company designing and manufacturing high-quality products to help you sleep better. We created the Snug Topper, an air-conditioned mattress topper designed to monitor your body’s temperature, and adjust to keep you at the perfect temperature – all night long. With independent controls on each side, the Snug Topper ensures you get exactly what you need.…

Photo of Payman Eslami Payman Eslami Director
AI Member

Soshianest Enterprise Miner Inc. was founded in July 2020 in British Columbia, Canada to serve the North American and global markets.

Soshianest is a direct outcome of Dr. Eslami’s PhD thesis on forecasting rates for the oil tanker sector, leading to the development of the full Soshianest concept.

We saw the need for accurate, intelligent forecasting for rates, optimized timing for scheduled maintenance and decisions about when to invest in engineering solutions, such as those that increase ship speed.…

Photo of Peter Evans Peter Evans President & CEO
AI Member

CryoLogistics is developing a low-maintenance, net-zero emissions, temperature controlled pallet box for the global food and pharmaceutical cold chain industry. The intent of this unit is to augment/replace the complex, expensive and GHG-emitting truck and trailer refrigerators used to ship temperature sensitive products worldwide. Our unit is simple, economical, scalable, customizable and offers significant operating efficiencies to improve customer satisfaction and profit margins.…