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Photo of Jeff Lacey Jeff Lacey President & CEO
CEO Growth Member, CEO Scale Member

InTime is a provider of workforce management software that is purpose-built for public safety and trusted by 500+ public safety agencies.

Photo of Miranda Lam Miranda Lam Chief Legal Officer & Senior Director, Business Development
In House Counsel Member

Acuitas is the premier LNP (lipid nanoparticle) technology provider enabling our partners to advance new therapeutics to address unmet clinical needs. We have developed a broad IP portfolio focussed on the use of LNP technology for nucleic acid therapeutics. This portfolio primarily encompasses novel compositions of matter but also includes novel uses of nucleic acids therapeutics.

Photo of Billy Lan Billy Lan CTO
Saas CTO Member

JobGet is building the home for the hourly workforce. The company is at an exciting hyperscale stage and well-positioned to define the next generation of job search. We are always hiring and are looking to bring on talented and passionate individuals to join our team to be the pillars and leaders of this exciting company.

Photo of Neil Lang Neil Lang COO
Cleantech Chair

Invinity Energy Systems plc (AIM:IES) manufactures vanadium flow batteries for the large-scale energy storage requirements of businesses, industry and electricity networks. Developed specifically for high-utilisation applications that make low-carbon renewable generation reliable, Invinity’s highly scalable, factory-built flow battery products can run continually with no degradation, charging and discharging for over 25 years. Energy storage systems based on Invinity’s batteries are safe, reliable, and economical, and range in size from less than 250 kilowatt-hours to tens of megawatt-hours.

Photo of Kim Lawrence Kim Lawrence VP Talent & Customer Experience
CMO Member

Ideon Technologies Inc. is a spin-off from TRIUMF (Canada’s national particle accelerator laboratory) and a world pioneer in the application of cosmic-ray muon tomography. Ideon has developed a discovery platform that integrates proprietary detectors, imaging systems, inversion technologies, and artificial intelligence to provide x-ray-like visibility up to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface.

Photo of George Lawton George Lawton CFO
CFO Member

Since 1994, The Answer Company has been helping organizations answer questions about investments in technology and information systems. As both a Sage and Acumatica ERP partner, the entire team offers thought leadership & expertise on both solutions. Certified Great Place to Work in Canada.

Sage Software is the third largest financial software company in the world.…

Photo of Mark Legacy Mark Legacy Chief Technology Officer & Founder
CEO Startup Member

Two independent expert research teams at Canada’s esteemed University of British Columbia have confirmed the capacity of Humpback Hydro Energy’s award winning patented analog electricity production and storage design. It is a stand alone concrete and steel structure that utilizes pump storage hydro to store energy by using the ocean, lake or river as the existing reservoir.…

Photo of Erin Leonty Erin Leonty VP Social Purpose
Talent Member

Clio is the undisputed leader in cloud-based legal technology offering practice management, CRM and client intake software. Clio enables lawyers to be more client-centered and has earned the most 5 star reviews, the approval of over 65 bar associations and law societies around the world, and a global customers base of 150,000. Clio enables law firms to deliver better client experiences through cloud-based practice management, CRM and client intake software.…

Photo of Gabriel Lessard-Kragen Gabriel Lessard-Kragen Senior Director of Product Management
Product Member

Copperleaf provides enterprise decision analytics software solutions to companies managing critical infrastructure. We leverage operational and financial data to empower our clients to make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing extraordinary experiences, shaped by people who care deeply, products that deliver exceptional value, and partnerships that stand the test of time.…

Photo of Chen Liu Chen Liu Co-Founder & CFO
CEO Startup Member

Coinchain is a cutting-edge technology solution provider based on Vancouver BC. Coinchain delivers customized blockchain solutions, such as smart contracts development, security audit, and provide full-cycle STO and ICO services. We also provide other technology services. Coinchain’s solutions cover finance, supply chain, gaming, healthcare, education, and public services.

Photo of Vivian Liu Vivian Liu Founder
Startup CEO Member

Mae is building a car experience FOR women, co-built BY women. Despite the fact that women influence 85% of car purchasing decisions, 90% of women wouldn’t visit a dealership without a man. Mae will be the answer for ⅔ of women who just don’t know where to start.

Photo of Patrick Lo Patrick Lo Founder & CEO
AI Member

Trakking is a free platform that matches trucking companies with customers. Just tap a button and instantly book the loads you want to haul. With our focus on transparency, all parties know their costs upfront. Trucking companies are paid within 7 days.Our platform also provides intelligent matching to grant rapid and high-quality service for all parties.…

Photo of Vaibhav (Web-huv) Lohia Vaibhav (Web-huv) Lohia Head of Marketing
CMO Member

Digital to our core, we are purpose built to transform possibilities for people. We solve complex problems with well-executed solutions tailor-made for continuous growth — we’re ambitious and our clients are too. We work with well-funded start-ups, global brands, and Fortune 1000 companies spanning industries and audiences, including EA, Moderna, League Health, and Realtor.com.

Photo of Michael Longinotti Michael Longinotti CEO
CEO Growth Member

Since 2006, we have deployed a high-availability GNSS reference network that spans the globe—creating incredibly accurate and reliable GNSS data that leading semiconductor vendors, device manufacturers and network operators have quietly relied on for their real-time and predicted location data needs.

Photo of Fraser Lott Fraser Lott CTO & Co-Founder
Metaverse Member

Night Garden Studio is an award winning game development studio based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Photo of Ray Lum Ray Lum VP Engineering
Saas CTO Member

Bit Quill Technologies is a software development services company that works with leading software and technology companies. Bit Quill was founded by a group of world-class engineers who share a passion for working with leading technologies to solve hard problems, and have a track record in doing so for major software companies. Our focus on technology and our experience provide us a solid platform with which to deliver the most sustainable, highest-quality solutions for our customers needs.