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Photo of Farshad Abasi Farshad Abasi Chief Security Officer
CEO Startup Member

Forward’s highly accomplished team delivers Cybersecurity solutions with focus on application and cloud security to mid-sized organizations in the Finance, Health, E-commerce, and Technology sectors. Our team has experience with some of world’s largest organizations such as HSBC, Intel, HP, and Motorola all the way to medium sized enterprises and even local start-ups. We understand the issues that each size and scale of company may face, and work closely with your team to ensure a successful solution is in place.…

Photo of Tosin Abioye Tosin Abioye Chief Executive
CEO Startup Member

We provide modern software platforms for winning and collaboration among owners, contractors, quantity surveyors, estimators, and construction managers.

Photo of Gary Agnew Gary Agnew CEO & Co-founder
CEO Growth Member, CEO Startup Member

Ideon Technologies Inc. is a spin-off from TRIUMF (Canada’s national particle accelerator laboratory) and a world pioneer in the application of cosmic-ray muon tomography. Ideon has developed a discovery platform that integrates proprietary detectors, imaging systems, inversion technologies, and artificial intelligence to provide x-ray-like visibility up to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface.

Photo of Iraj Akbari Iraj Akbari CEO
CEO Startup Member

Rentrax is a Vancouver-based company specializing in the development of cloud base software as a service for equipment rental businesses. Rentrax system is packed with comprehensive and easy-to-use features designed to streamline your rental operation by optimizing your rental activities and reducing human error.

Photo of Leena Al-Hajjar Leena Al-Hajjar VP, People & Culture
Talent Member

Tantalus is a smart grid technology company that transforms aging one-way grids into future-proofed multi-directional grids that improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of public power and electric cooperative utilities and the communities they serve. Our solutions are purpose-built to allow utilities to restore power quickly after major disruptions, adapt to rapidly shifting consumer expectations and population shifts, innovate new solutions based on the adoption of distributed energy resources and evolve their grid infrastructure at their own pace without needless cost or complexity.…

Mahshid Amini Founder
Startup CEO Member
Photo of Ashish Anand Ashish Anand Founder & CEO
AI Member

Clear360 is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations defend against the impacts of viral illnesses, including Covid-19, created by Vancouver digital health foundry Workforce Wellness. A leader in Enterprise Health Management, Clear360 is focused on yielding safer, healthier and more productive workplaces by enabling testing, clearance, monitoring, and illness management for workforces and their employers.

Photo of Michael Argast Michael Argast CEO & Co-Founder
CEO Growth Member

Kobalt.io is a rapidly growing company that manages all aspects of cyber security programs for small and medium-sized, cloud-native businesses.

Photo of Tara Ataya Tara Ataya Chief of People & Diversity
Talent Co-Chair

Too many brands suck at social. Yours doesn’t have to. It starts with the right tools. Thousands of brands rely on Hootsuite’s platform and solutions to launch brilliant social campaigns, deliver 5-star social commerce experiences, and manage all their customer conversations in one place.

Photo of Rob Atwell Rob Atwell Founder/COO
Digital Health Member

We work to solve the fragmentation of healthcare. We are a team of highly experienced clinicians and technologists that have come together on a mission: SIMPLER and BETTER health care, through one digital platform that connects everyone to enable optimal health.