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Photo of Chuck Clark Chuck Clark CTO
Saas CTO Member

Canalyst is the leading destination for public company data and analysis. The company’s SaaS platform provides instant access to the cleanest, richest, best structured fundamental data and models on global public companies. Hundreds of firms across financial services and corporate markets globally rely on Canalyst to reduce duplicative work and ground their financial analysis on sound fundamental data.

Photo of Luke Closs Luke Closs Chief Technologist
Saas CTO Member

Routeware has been digitally transforming the waste and recycling industry for over 20 years. Our mission is to help waste and recycling leaders use technology to delight customers, improve operations, and protect our planet. Routeware solutions are used by smart cities and haulers in every US state, across Canada, and in the United Kingdom, benefiting over 50M people.

Photo of Rei Collina Rei Collina VP of Engineering
Saas CTO Member

At Social Nature we believe change starts in the shopping basket. And so we’re on a mission to change consumer habits and help more people #maketheswitch to healthy and sustainable products on their next shopping trip. We do this by driving targeted trial at retail for innovative food, health and wellness brands across North America with our Digital Demos solution.

Photo of Kevin Collins Kevin Collins CEO & Founder
AI Member

Founded in 2019, CharliAI (Charli) is a first-of-its-kind, AI-driven intelligent content management platform that tracks, organizes, understands, interprets, analyzes and automates business content enterprise-wide, unlocking knowledge, improving collaboration across teams, and streamlining operations. CharliAI provides businesses with a competitive advantage in today’s digital world by reducing content chaos and manual effort, allowing workforces to focus on contributing their expertise.…

Photo of Karen Craggs-Milne Karen Craggs-Milne Head of Anti Racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Talent Member

Bring people together. Thoughtexchange lets you lead challenging conversations about things that matter.

Using Thoughtexchange, you can quickly and easily connect with your team to solve problems together. The Thoughtexchange app lets you ask an open-ended question and invite groups of 10 or 10,000 people to answer it in what’s called an “exchange.” Not only do people submit their own answers, they also get to rate other participants’ answers, so the most popular ideas rise to the top.…

Photo of Brad Crump Brad Crump
Startup CEO Member

Logit Analytics provides technology solutions and services to the forestry industry.

Photo of Robert Crystal Robert Crystal VP, Finance
CFO Member

General Fusion pursues a fast, efficient, and collaborative path to practical fusion power. We are completing an aggressive development plan to deliver economical carbon-free fusion energy with our proprietary Magnetized Target Fusion technology by the 2030s.

Photo of Florence Cui Florence Cui VP of Finance
CFO Member

ReadyMode is an enterprise grade, cloud-based all-in-one predictive dialer that intelligently connects call center agents with more leads in less time.

Photo of Steve De Jong Steve De Jong CEO
CEO Growth Member

At VRIFY, we are leveraging technology to better connect investors and stakeholders to a company’s value proposition.

Hamed Dehganpour
Startup CEO Member

Digital Connect Marketing is a digital marketing and advertising agency that specializes in getting your business noticed with high-performance marketing campaigns across all platforms. Whether you’re looking for help with a single project or a bigger, long-term partnership, DC Marketing has the resources and expertise you need to help you achieve more with your marketing.

Photo of Josh deVries Josh deVries CEO
CEO Scale Member

Intiveo is a cloud-based patient communication software that provides automated and customizable appointment confirmations, recall reminders, booking requests, reputation management, and more. We help 14,000 providers deliver 50 million messages to improve the outcomes of 18 millions patients. Our mission is to continuously improve patient care by understanding their communication needs, behaviours, and preferences – resulting in successful treatment outcomes.

Photo of Dave Dinesen Dave Dinesen CEO
CEO Scale Member

CubicFarm Systems Corp. is an award-winning technology company, founded by farmers. At CubicFarms, we provide local chain agriculture technologies to help minimize the use of natural resources and maximize cubic growing space. Using our indoor farming technologies, we strengthen local food systems that benefit our people, resources, and economy. We developed two indoor growing technologies—one for fresh produce (CubicFarm System) and one for high-energy fresh livestock feed (HydroGreen Automated Vertical Pastures™).…

Photo of Matt Dockerty Matt Dockerty Vice President & CIO
SaaS CTO Member

The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) is a publicly accountable, statutory corporation formed in 2005 responsible for operating the land title and survey systems of BC.

Photo of Michael Donaldson Michael Donaldson VP of Fusion Island Engineering
Cleantech Member

General Fusion pursues a fast, efficient, and collaborative path to practical fusion power. We are completing an aggressive development plan to deliver economical carbon-free fusion energy with our proprietary Magnetized Target Fusion technology by the 2030s.

Photo of Tyler Duperron Tyler Duperron Chief Product Officer
Metaverse Member

Founded in 2016, Tafi’s mission is to make personalized avatars and branded digital content available to anyone and everyone who wants to level-up their digital personality. Tafi’s best-in-class avatar solutions are portable across platforms including mobile, gaming, XR, social media, messaging, and video communications. Tafi’s investors include Benchmark Capital, Columbia Capital, and Ponte Partners. Learn more at MakeTafi.com.

Photo of Gord Elder Gord Elder VP Products
Product Chair

The Cymax Group of brands offers unparalleled knowledge of the complete eCommerce experience gained through years of building a platform that serves manufacturers, retailers and end-consumers. We’re transforming eCommerce with a complete and scalable online platform that provides seamless customer acquisition, merchandising and logistics capabilities. With technology solutions built to make eCommerce simple, we function as a powerful supply chain management solution for organizations of all sizes.…

Photo of Eran Elizur Eran Elizur CEO
Digital Health Member

IKOMED is Vancouver-based medical-device Technology Company. Our AEGIS is a shutter system that incorporates machine learning and image processing to reduce X-ray radiation in fluoroscopy by over 60% as proven in clinical-studies. Fluoroscopy is an X-Ray based imaging technology widely used to guide minimally-invasive procedures where catheters are inserted into patients’ bodies for treatment. These procedures reduce the need for surgery but expose patients and staff to large amounts of radiation.

Photo of Jordan Ell Jordan Ell Chief Technology Officer
Saas CTO Member

Riipen is enabling transformative opportunities for companies to collaborate with post-secondary students on real-time, real-world challenges that are embedded directly into coursework.

Photo of Jason Elliott Jason Elliott Co-Founder
CEO Startup Member

Perfectly Snug is a sleep products company designing and manufacturing high-quality products to help you sleep better. We created the Snug Topper, an air-conditioned mattress topper designed to monitor your body’s temperature, and adjust to keep you at the perfect temperature – all night long. With independent controls on each side, the Snug Topper ensures you get exactly what you need.…

Photo of Payman Eslami Payman Eslami Director
AI Member

Soshianest Enterprise Miner Inc. was founded in July 2020 in British Columbia, Canada to serve the North American and global markets.

Soshianest is a direct outcome of Dr. Eslami’s PhD thesis on forecasting rates for the oil tanker sector, leading to the development of the full Soshianest concept.

We saw the need for accurate, intelligent forecasting for rates, optimized timing for scheduled maintenance and decisions about when to invest in engineering solutions, such as those that increase ship speed.…

Photo of Golnaz Fakhari Golnaz Fakhari COO & Founder
CEO Startup Member

instaHop is the Safest and Fastest way for Travelers in the post-pandemic world to Find & Go to the best matching private Experience under 60 minutes!

Photo of Will Fan Will Fan Founder & CEO
CEO Startup Member

Bridging Critical Gaps between Sustainable Transportation.

Photo of James Faulkner James Faulkner CEO, Founder
AI Member

SiteMax started in 2014 as a special project designed for the field to office communication needs of a commercial general contractor. Today, SiteMax is a full Construction Management software solution that has generated millions of daily logs, safety reports, photos records, time entries and more, all over the world.

With a growing team of over 30 staff, SiteMax provides purpose-built solutions that meet users where they’re at in their journey of using and adopting construction technology.…

Photo of Crista Faw Crista Faw Director of HR
Talent Member

As the global leader in 3D scanning and inspection, LMI Technologies works to advance quality and productivity with 3D sensor technology. Our award-winning, FactorySmart® laser, snapshot, and line confocal sensors improve the quality and efficiency of factory production by providing fast, accurate, reliable inspection solutions that leverage smart 3D technologies. Unlike contact based measurement or 2D vision, our non-contact solutions add 3D shape information that is critical to achieving 100% quality control.

Photo of Matt Fiddes Matt Fiddes Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder
CEO Startup Member

Founded in 2015 Agility Technologies Corporation is focused on the development and adaptation of digital technology and manifesting it into real world products for the emergency and security services. As active participants in the Rescue, Military and Industrial communities we listen and act on the input of our customers with a goal to develop equipment that allow them to adapt, improvise and overcome challenges that will improve outcomes.…

Photo of Tim Fimmers Tim Fimmers VP Engineering
Saas CTO Member

Uberflip is a content experience platform that empowers marketing and sales to create engaging, relevant content destinations quickly for every campaign, audience, and stage of the customer journey. Marketers use our platform to scale how they incorporate content into every touchpoint and remove friction from the customer journey by surfacing the right content at the right time.

Photo of Eric Finkel Eric Finkel CEO
Digital Health Member

Tickit Health is elevating organizational performance by harnessing the power of Digital Empathy.

The privately-held company was founded to enhance the communication between patients and their providers that rapidly evolved to support other populations. The organization’s award-winning flagship solution, known as TickitⓇ captures data directly from–and communicates with–hard to reach populations. Unlike traditional survey and assessment methods, Tickit is based on the science and psychology of Digital Empathy which is proven to improve organizational efficiency, enabling better decision making through increased response rates and quality of data.

Photo of Chet Flanagan Chet Flanagan COO & Co-Founder
CEO Growth Member

VINN is car shopping made simple. We work both with car buyers and dealerships all across North America. VINN is a tool on both the Consumer and Partner side.

Photo of Jennifer Flexman Jennifer Flexman COO
Digital Health Member

Thrive Health is a software company on a mission to make healthcare work better for everyone. We empower patients and families in their healthcare journeys, support providers in delivering excellent care, and enable healthcare systems to become more efficient.

Sanaz Fotoohi Principal
Startup CEO Member
Photo of Eric Franzo Eric Franzo Founder
Startup CEO Member

Purposely is a software company based in Vancouver, BC. We’re building an employee experience platform to help companies build hybrid & remote-first communities that connect employees deeply to their workplace culture. We’re already working with some amazing local companies to build a platform that streamlines employee engagement and workplace giving.

Photo of Karen Fryer Karen Fryer VP Finance
CFO Member

Thrive Health is a software company on a mission to make healthcare work better for everyone. We empower patients and families in their healthcare journeys, support providers in delivering excellent care, and enable healthcare systems to become more efficient.

Photo of Trevor Gair Trevor Gair VP, Legal
In House Counsel Member

Cymax Group Technologies is a leading eCommerce technology and logistics services platform for furniture vendors and retailers. We leverage data, technology and expert teams to create a better eCommerce and freight experience for vendors of all sizes. Our suite of brands include two platforms- Freight Club, an end-to-end freight and logistics solution, Channel Gate, an AI powered multichannel platform, and two boutique online furniture marketplaces- Homesquare.com and Cymax.com.

Photo of Parth Gargish Parth Gargish SVP, Business & Technology
AI / Scale CEO C-Council Member

Founded in 1999, Netsmartz is a USA-based software company with CMMi 3 standards providing a pre-vetted pool of top 5% software developers from our 10+ global locations. Trusted by Fortune 500 clients, Mid-sized Enterprises, and start-ups for their digital transformation, Netsmartz fast-tracks your development through nearshore, offshore, and remote team options. Netsmartz is certified as a great workplace, reflecting the commitment to a positive culture.

Photo of Sam Gharegozlou Sam Gharegozlou President
Metaverse Co-Chair

Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, UFC Strike and the Flow blockchain, uses blockchain technology to bring NFTs and new forms of digital engagement to fans around the world, paving the way to a more open and inclusive digital world starting with games and entertainment.

Photo of Banoo Ghaseminejad Banoo Ghaseminejad Talent Development Business Partner
Talent (D&I) Member

Fortinet makes possible a digital world that we can always trust through its mission to protect people, devices, and data everywhere. This is why the world’s largest enterprises, service providers, and government organizations choose Fortinet to securely accelerate their digital journey.

Photo of Rob Goehring Rob Goehring CEO
AI C-Council Chair

Wisr AI helps enterprises assess not only their own internal Cyber Risk posture, but also helps prioritize the inherent risk faced through 3rd party infrastructure and supply chain connections.

The Wisr AI Cyber Intelligence platform constantly consumes massive amounts of global data – news, social media, cyber breach reports, dark web chatter and more – to build dynamic, AI driven risk rating algorithms.…

Photo of Dr. Alexandra Greenhill Dr. Alexandra Greenhill Founder & CEO
AI Member

We work to solve the fragmentation of healthcare. We are a team of highly experienced clinicians and technologists that have come together on a mission: SIMPLER and BETTER health care, through one digital platform that connects everyone to enable optimal health.

Photo of Abhay Gupta Abhay Gupta Founder and CEO
AI Member

Lunge Systems is a technology company enabling organizations and people to take control of their work and lives. Our proprietary quantification, mapping and monitoring framework accessible through intuitive interface acts as an intelligent productivity & efficiency advisor. Using a mix of conventional wisdom, data-driven evidence and matching algorithms, Lunge provides motivation & behavioral nudges through comparative analytics, activity suggestions and other individual & social incentives.

Photo of Akshay Gupta Akshay Gupta Founder & CEO
Digital Health Member

Bit Happier is a Neuroscience and AI-based (Web 3.0) Dapp combining Neuroscience tools + Social Networking tools and Financial tools (Web 3.0) tools on the Near Protocol for the purpose of making every individual a Bit Happier using Visual Arts.

Photo of Kim Haakstad Kim Haakstad head of people and culture
Talent Member

Terramera is a cleantech leader focused on fusing AI, science and nature to create revolutionary technologies that transform how we grow food and solve other world-scale challenges.

With its Actigate™ Targeted Performance technology and mission to unlock the intelligence in nature to ensure a world that thrives and provides for everyone, Terramera is committed to reducing global synthetic chemical loads in agriculture by 80 percent while increasing global farm productivity by 20 percent by 2030.…

Photo of Angela Hamilton Angela Hamilton Co-Founder & CEO
CEO Startup Member

Allowing people to share resources. Quupe is a fully insured rental platform from Vancouver, Canada. Quupe connects borrowers to local lenders who have unique equipment and are willing to lend it at an affordable price.

Photo of Jeff Hamilton Jeff Hamilton VP Sales and Marketing
CMO Member

Button builds reliable digital services technology for government & industry. From emissions reporting and contact tracing to organizing data, we help governments create easy-to-use systems that maximize citizen impact. Button’s Agile, multidisciplinary teams work in parallel with policy development to exceed the highest standards of usability and security, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Photo of Andrew Hanlon Andrew Hanlon
Metaverse Member

Just seen that great movie, now what? You loved the movie, but now there’s always that sad anti-climax, because it’s finished. Do you want to continue? You can! – DistantTwins allows you to act as your favorite movie character, weaving rich stories in our friendly chatrooms, where you use your imagination to win the game!

Photo of Matt Harper Matt Harper CCO & Co-Founder
Cleantech Member

Invinity Energy Systems plc (AIM:IES) manufactures vanadium flow batteries for the large-scale energy storage requirements of businesses, industry and electricity networks. Developed specifically for high-utilisation applications that make low-carbon renewable generation reliable, Invinity’s highly scalable, factory-built flow battery products can run continually with no degradation, charging and discharging for over 25 years. Energy storage systems based on Invinity’s batteries are safe, reliable, and economical, and range in size from less than 250 kilowatt-hours to tens of megawatt-hours.