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Photo of R.I.S.E. Media R.I.S.E. Media
310 349 3873

R.I.S.E. Media is a female founded platform and future APP that will accelerate the transition to sustainability and financial freedom for the performing arts industry.

Photo of Rapid Consulting Inc Rapid Consulting Inc
778 653 3116

Rapid Consulting Inc. a sister concern Company of Global Applications Solution – GAS, is a leading Oracle consulting firm with a domain expertise in providing end-to-end customized enterprise solutions through industry best practices, synchronized with applications and technical expertise.

Photo of RBCx RBCx

RBCx is supporting early stage and growth entrepreneurs with access to capital, a curated network of investors, and deep operational expertise to help companies scale. Our suite of financial solutions, services, and expertise is tailored for tech companies with everything from helping to manage treasury and foreign exchange to deploying SRED lending, venture debt, and recurring revenues lines of credit to help propel you to the next phase in growth.…

Photo of RecapHealth Ventures RecapHealth Ventures

RecapHealth Ventures is a unique investment fund delivering financial and social impact by investing in global health care innovation. Our investment team has expertise in Canadian, US and European health care markets and is supported by an extended team of advisors with deep domain knowledge in our targeted sectors.

Photo of Rectxt Rectxt

Rectxt is an SMS-based instant messaging solution that helps recruiting teams hire faster while providing a better candidate & recruiter experience.

Photo of Redlen Technologies Redlen Technologies
250 656 5411

Redlen Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-resolution Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride (CZT) semiconductor radiation detector products. CZT is a unique semiconductor compared with competitor detector materials, in that CZT operates at room temperature and can process extremely high photon counts. Additionally, CZT’s spectroscopic resolution clearly out performs any commercially available Scintillator.

Photo of Render Imagination Inc Render Imagination Inc
604 862 3711

Render Imagination Inc is Creative & Technology startup based in Vancouver BC with a goal to connect ideas to pixels.

Photo of Rentrax Software Inc Rentrax Software Inc

End-to-end Rental Management Software, Built From Experience

Photo of ResponsiveAds Canada ResponsiveAds Canada
646 233 1464

ResponsiveAds™ enables the production of the most advanced and innovative display ads possible at 10x the speed with its Fully-Fluid technology. Direct-to-Consumer DTC) brands, Agencies, and Publishers alike can now reap the revenue benefits of multi-variant immersive responsive display ads that outperform the standard IAB engagement by 20x.

Photo of Riipen Networks Inc. Riipen Networks Inc.
(604) 653-5455

Riipen Networks Inc. is a big data company that provides employer branding and an improved hiring process for emerging talent via its online platform, Riipen connects companies to students through short-term, skillspecific projects early on in the students’ post-secondary education. Founded by students for students, Riipen is also a social venture on a mission to reduce youth unemployment by eliminating graduate underemployment; both of which currently have the highest rates for North America in history and have even been labelled an epidemic (Generation Jobless, 2014).…

Photo of Rival Technologies Rival Technologies

At Rival Technologies, we’re rethinking research with voice, video, and chat solutions optimized for the ‘Mobile First’ generation. We Rival traditional surveys with conversational tech that drives instant engagement, appeals to all demographics and fosters on going dialog with hard-to-reach customers. Talking to customers isn’t new, but how we are doing it is.

Photo of Rockburst Technologies Rockburst Technologies
+1 (604) 362-2170

Rockburst is an mining innovation company dedicated to the R&D and commercialization of our patent-pending Transcritical CO2 Pulverization (tCO2) technology that aims to significantly reduce the energy consumed during mining comminution (particle reduction), as well as deliver embodied energy and emission savings as it does not utilize consumable media needed for impact-based techniques.

Photo of Rogers Communications Inc Rogers Communications Inc
(604) 682-4333

As a proud Canadian company, we’re dedicated to making things easier for our customers. Since 1960, millions of Canadians have first experienced new ways of living and working through Rogers: FM radio, cable television, high-speed Internet, wireless phone calls, wireless LTE Internet, and more.

Photo of Rx Networks Rx Networks
(604) 685-8988

We are a mobile positioning technology company with more than ten years experience and a billion plus devices relying on our software and services everyday. We empower our customers with ingenious hybrid positioning solutions that unify GNSS, Wi-Fi, cellular, BLE and sensor signals for an unmatched location user experience. Outdoor. Indoor. In 3D.