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R.I.S.E. Media

Website: R.I.S.E. Media

Company info

Re-Imagine Sustainability Entertainment (also referred to as “R.I.S.E.”) R.I.S.E. is a platform that will offer options to break free of the stage-performance-dependent and in-person-only ability to generate income. Instead of depending on local donors as the lifeline of performing art organizations, the whole world will be accessible for sourcing income. It will be an online platform for performing artists and creatives where they can consume content, educate themselves, find motivation and inspiration and use web 3 technology to leverage their creativity.

The Platform will be a broad network from around the world, where artists will find the opportunity to be connected to incubators and supportive communities and create income through end-to-end NFT creation, a Marketplace, Events tickets in form of NFT and so much more.

The company’s vision is to accelerate the transition to sustainability and financial freedom by enabling performing artists and companies alike to build multiple streams of income by combining the power of Technology and Business with the beauty and elegance of Performing Arts.