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Photo of Venturous Counselling and Consulting Inc. Venturous Counselling and Consulting Inc.
(778) 775-7504

Venturous Counselling and Consulting is an online, multidisciplinary, and evidence-based counselling practice for holistic wellness. Believing in the mind-body-community connection, we pride ourselves on offering services beyond the talk: EMDR, art, movement and breathwork practices are incorporated alongside traditional counselling services to help you embrace your resilience and embody your best self.


VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council), started in 1989. Our mission is to serve as the one-stop hub that connects people, knowledge and resources to grow and promote the Greater Victoria technology sector (Victoria’s biggest industry).

We work closely with our members to offer a variety of events, programs and services. In addition, VIATEC serves as the front door of the local tech sector and as its spokesperson.…

Photo of Videogyan Studios Inc Videogyan Studios Inc

Videogyan –as the name suggests, it’s about learning through media (as “gyan” means knowledge in Sanskrit). We are a new age media company producing kids content, animation videos such as nursery rhymes and cartoon shows. We create high quality 2D and CG animated content to make learning fun and enjoyable for children. Baby Ronnie, Zool Babies, TooToo Boy are some of our most popular characters loved by kids around the world.

Photo of VINN VINN

VINN is an automotive managed marketplace built to simplify the way people purchase cars by offering a no-cost vehicle concierge service and partnering with industry-leading dealerships. Our goal is to get you into your dream car sooner and easier!

Photo of ViRA360 ViRA360

We are on a mission to simplify job placement & career fulfillment. We Just simplify it better.

Photo of Virtro Entertainment Inc. Virtro Entertainment Inc.

Virtro develops competency-based immersive training simulations for Virtual Reality and PC platforms to accelerate learning.
Our learning applications foster unparalleled levels of engagement through open dialogue with Virtual Humans (AI characters) powered by our proprietary conversation engine. This delivers measurably faster and more focused learning experience with higher retention rates of information and replicable skills. …

Photo of VisionBox Inc VisionBox Inc
(778) 723-2410

VisionBox is an IT-based consulting company leveraging the potential of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence strategies to improve business performance. Their services include 3D Computer Vision, Object detection, AI of trading, Deep learning, Video Analysis, Machine learning Problem, and all AI-related services.

Photo of Vistara Growth Vistara Growth
604 449 5620

Vistara Growth provides highly flexible Growth Debt and Growth Equity financing for technology companies across North America. Vistara’s typical investment size ranges from $5 million to $25 million per investment for companies that have scaled or are scaling past $10 million+ in revenues.

Photo of Visualping Visualping

Monitors website changes for close to 2 million users from 195 countries with users in 85% of Fortune 500 companies

Photo of VodaSafe Inc VodaSafe Inc

Vodasafe provides modern methods for water based search and rescue through easily accessible, hand-held scanning sonar devices. Current waterfront rescue methods are archaic, slow to deploy and prone to error. Water clarity makes waterfront rescue extremely difficult and time consuming and in rescue, every second counts.

Photo of VoPay International Inc. VoPay International Inc.
778 897 2202

VoPay’s Fintech-as-a-Service platform allows any company to embed financial services and payment capabilities into their existing applications, products and services through a single and scalable API. We offer a simple technology layer that enables digital enterprises to seamlessly offer secure, fast and direct bank account payments.

Photo of VoxCell BioInnovation VoxCell BioInnovation

Utilizing a passionate and talented team, VoxCell is providing an extraordinary line of Truly Biomimetic solutions for the drug development industry and the field of Oncology research,  by creating 3D vascularized cancer tissue models. Our 3D Bioprinter uses a state of the art laser with a process that crosslinks bioink with extreme precision, producing incredible high resolution 3D bioprinted tissues.…

Photo of VR/AR Association Vancouver VR/AR Association Vancouver
(604) 880-8983

The VR/AR Association (The VRARA) is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and people in the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies.

Photo of Waterbear Cloud Waterbear Cloud

Simplify your AWS Management Solution. We help small enterprises accelerate AWS migration and adoption, so their teams can stay focused on the core business.

Photo of Webmainland Media Ltd Webmainland Media Ltd
(604) 442-5585

Increase engagement from your audience and drive more value from your marketing efforts by participating in our community AMA (ask me anything) workshops.

Photo of Weir Motion Metrics Weir Motion Metrics

We use computer vision and artificial intelligence to make mining more safe, energy efficient, and productive.

Photo of WELL Health Technologies WELL Health Technologies

WELL Health Technologies is an omnichannel digital health company with a mission is to positively impact health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower and support patients and doctors. The company’s overarching goal is to consolidate and modernize primary healthcare assets using digital technologies and processes that improve patient experience, operational efficiency, and overall care performance.

Photo of Werx health Werx health
604 446 1484

Intelligent automation for primary care clinics werx is a leading intelligent automation company for primary care clinics in Canada.

Photo of Wilma Technologies Inc Wilma Technologies Inc
647 972 2373

Wilma is the first membership-based, Women Driving Women ride hailing service in Canada. Founded by Wilma CEO – Terri Phipps and the SVP of Partnerships – Mary Morrison, we are dedicated to the empowerment and safety of women – wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and girlfriends, AND to the women who will be economically empowered by driving them safely.

Photo of WiseAdmit WiseAdmit

WiseAdmit is a unified hub connecting students to world-class universities in East Asia. We leverage technology to make higher education more accessible and affordable for underrepresented communities. We offer a free instant evaluation to match students with scholarships and programs that fit their interests, and our personalized approach reduces the guesswork, wasted time, and money on college applications.…