Our members are entrepreneurs, visionaries, enthusiasts, and innovators, bound together by a common purpose.

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BC Tech Events

At BC Tech, we pride ourselves on being able to host high-quality events that bring the community together to learn, make connections, build relationships, and help tech companies grow.

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The BC Tech Association is a trusted and respected voice for the tech sector in BC that represents a broad cross-section of tech companies.

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BC Tech is working to ensure the growth of future anchor companies needed to strengthen and sustain the provincial tech sector.

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Aspire to Tech

What if you could work in an industry where you aren’t limited to one job? Where you can try different roles until you find the one that fits?

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Women in Tech

We’ve launched our Women in Tech page to spark change and open up a discussion on how we can reach gender parity in tech.

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BC Tech is guided by our mission to make BC the best place to grow and scale a tech company.

BC Tech is the largest member-led technology non-profit in British Columbia, and we’re dedicated to turning startups into scaleups. Our work supports members to grow and diversify their talent pool, acquire new customers, access capital and accelerate their scaleup journey.

Technology is a key industry for BC’s future and builds resiliency in every industry. Today, every company is a tech company.

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BC Tech is a non-profit dedicated to making British Columbia the best place to grow and scale a tech company. We pursue this mission by: providing the places and events for the community to come together; impactful programs that help companies grow, scale, export and adopt technology; up-to-date information about the tech sector; and the solutions required to ensure our industry and our province continue to grow and thrive.

Join the BC Tech Association to take advantage of the above benefits – and more.

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