Growing the industry through research and policy.

Effecting positive change together.

The BC Tech Association is a trusted and respected voice for the tech sector in BC. Representing the broad cross-section of software, IT and services, communications, digital media, life sciences, AR/VR/MR, blockchain, and cleantech companies, we advance the interests of the tech community by collaborating with many organizations and building a collective and unified voice.

Our focus is on nurturing an ecosystem and ensuring that BC-based tech companies can realize their full potential. As one of the fastest-growing economic contributors to the BC economy, the tech sector is poised to play an essential role in BC and Canada’s future growth. Deliberate and strategic policies and investment will play an essential role in furthering our goal of an innovative, diversified and prosperous economy in BC and Canada.

Our Plan

BC Tech is proud to present our latest policy recommendations.

Based on the data presented in the 2018 BC Technology Report Card, our recommendations aim to tackle the twin challenges of Talent and Scale that currently constrain growth below BC’s enormous potential.

BC Tech’s policy recommendations are the result of a robust research and consultation process with stakeholders across the tech community and stakeholders across business, government, educational institutions, and partner organizations.

Research Data

Providing data-driven industry insights to support policy recommendations. For more than 20 years, we have provided analytical insights into the BC tech industry. We partner with industry colleagues and government agencies in collecting data, developing analysis frameworks and delivering data-driven policy and program recommendations that support the growth of the tech industry in our province.

Through impact studies, surveys and statistics-gathering initiatives, we merge trends reflected in data with insights from tech leaders to provide in-depth reports that guide decision-making and resource allocation across stakeholders. Visit our publications page to see our most-cited resources, like the 2020 BC Technology Report Card.

Policy Development

Developing the BC Tech policy framework to guide policy efforts. We conduct our policy development process with one goal in mind: to create the political and economic conditions that will make BC the best place to grow and scale a tech company. To us, that includes scaling tech companies, expanding our market share and attracting increasing amounts of capital and talent—globally and locally.

We consult extensively with the BC Tech community, industry leaders across sectors, education institutions, investors and government colleagues. We host industry roundtables, conferences, and other forums; and, in true tech startup fashion, we test our hypotheses in an agile learning framework. The outcomes of these initiatives guide our ongoing policy framework process that outlines recommendations to shape and grow BC’s tech sector.

Government Relations

Building relationships to ensure government buy-in and cooperation. We work closely with government officials (elected and non-elected) across a range of ministries and at all levels (municipal, provincial and federal) to promote the importance of the sector and its contribution to economic growth, job creation, and competitiveness in BC and Canada.

Our non-partisan outreach is centered on stories about people, companies and economics of the tech sector, and on promoting the policy and program changes necessary to help the technology industry realize its full potential. We are committed to maintaining a strong partnership between industry and government to support the provincial #BCTECH Strategy and the federal Innovation Agenda.

Ecosystem Engagement

Leveraging our community to share compelling stories and deliver consistent messaging. We seek to improve engagement and coordination across the expanding tech ecosystem, working with numerous stakeholders who each play a crucial role in growing the sector. We collaborate with community organizations and other partners; and we convene events and speaking tours (BC Tech Ambassador Program, Innovation Hub tours and policy days), to communicate our vision, stories, and priorities.

Our goal is to shape a positive narrative around tech in BC and Canada, together. We believe tech ecosystems are shaped by strong communities—in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. After all, it takes a strong community to grow a truly successful tech company.

Interested in our Strategic Policy Initiatives?

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