Talent Programs

Our Talent Programs are open to all tech companies, but targeted at second stage (250K+ revenue/10+ employees) to fifth stage (25MM+/100+ employees) companies. They are designed to support growth and development by increasing the size and quality of the tech talent pool and by helping companies hire, train, and retain their people. These programs, events, and initiatives focus on all HR, recruitment, and talent challenges. It’s hard for tech companies to find, attract, source, and successfully recruit top talent. BC Tech has put together several resources and events that can help you through this journey. Whether it’s participating in a Talent Day, attending a Talent Meetup, or posting job opportunities on BCtechjobs.ca, BC Tech has a long history of connecting companies with the right people to grow their teams.

Recruiter in Residence

Designed to help growth stage tech companies source and recruit passive talent. Recruiter in Residence is a tactical program designed to provide growth stage BC Tech member companies with coaching, mentoring, and best practices to source, identify, and successfully hire passive talent both locally and globally. Learn More

BC Tech Jobs

One-stop shop for all your hiring needs. Built by a team who knows the tech industry and how to find the best candidates, BC Tech Jobs combines a variety of initiatives both online and offline to help promote your brand to the tech community, share job opportunities with an extensive network of job seekers, and connect directly with qualified talent. Learn More

Connecting with Academia

British Columbia is home to spectacular universities, colleges, and technical schools that are producing top graduates critical for our industry’s future workforce. BC Tech has strong relationships with BC schools at an elementary, secondary, and post-secondary level and partner with them on initiatives like Talent Days, the promotion of careers in the tech industry, and the BC Tech Scholarship Program. Learn More

Immigration Support Programs

BC Tech is proud to act as BC’s Designated Referral Partner to the Ministry of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and will work in coordination with BC Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training (JTST) to support the roll-out of the Federal Global Skills Strategy by referring BC-based technology companies that meet the criteria and qualifications into the program. Learn More

Sign-up for Talent Talk

TalentTalk is a great source of news and information on Talent programs, industry news, community events, early bird access to BC Tech events, and special discounts for BC Tech members — curated and delivered to your inbox once a month. Learn More

Community Calendar

Looking to attend an event or expand your network? Our Events Calendar is a great place to start and is one of the most expansive in the industry. Search for events using categories, tags or venues. Hosting an event like an Open House or Career Fair? Let us know via the Submit Event button on the events calendar. Learn More

Diversity Groups in BC

Tech companies need to be intentional about providing diverse and inclusive workplaces. That said, it can be challenging to understand how to start or what to do in order to build and foster a truly inclusive environment. BC Tech has prepared a list of all known BC-based diversity organizations that is updated frequently. Our intent is to highlight the amazing work these organizations do and create a go-to list of support available to tech companies in BC. Learn More

Women in Tech

BC Tech has brought together all of the Women In Technology groups (included in our BC-based diversity organizations list) to collaborate on projects and unify our collective efforts. If you have any questions, want to get involved, or if we’ve missed a group on this list, get in touch. We’ve also launched a Women in Tech page to spark change and open up a discussion on how we can reach gender parity. Here you’ll find content, tips, and career advice. Learn More

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