Connect with Academia

Connect with Academia

British Columbia is home to spectacular universities, colleges, and technical schools that are producing top graduates critical for our industry’s future workforce. BC Tech has strong relationships with BC schools at an elementary, secondary, and post-secondary level and partner with them on initiatives like Talent Days, the promotion of careers in the tech industry, and the BC Tech Scholarship Program.

Companies like yours can play a critical role in shaping curriculum, programs, and events for our industry.

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Coop & New Grad hiring | Curriculum input and development.

If you are looking to connect with educational institutions on curriculum input, events or initiatives on campus, survey distribution, and co-op or new grad hiring, reach out to see how you can get involved.

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Promote Tech Careers

Inspire the future.

BC Tech produces and supports initiatives to promote careers in technology while providing context on the opportunities available in our industry. From hosting Hackathons to supporting student projects, preparing new grads for the job market to inspiring younger generations to explore careers in technology, we are committed to supporting the tech sector by shaping future talent.

Our team is often present and active in the community as speakers, mentors, and advocates for the industry. We participate in career talks in colleges, universities, and coding camps; we lead student tours and tech chats at The Innovation Hub; we organize industry consultations with post-secondary and government partners; and we analyze labour market trends to better understand, articulate, and support the talent needs of the industry.

If you would like to get involved with promoting careers in technology, events, speaking or industry panel opportunities, or advocating for our industry overall, get in touch.

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Important Information

Know where the opportunities are.

BC Tech has worked alongside research firms and other industry associations to gather important data that informs where the opportunities are in the tech industry.

Below is a great starting point to get informed. To stay up-to-date on current initiatives, events and opportunities:


If you have an initiative that you would like BC Tech to be involved in, email with details.

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