Recruiter in Residence

Designed to help growth stage tech companies source and recruit passive talent on a global scale.

The Program

Recruiter in Residence is a tactical program designed to provide growth stage BC Tech member companies, with coaching, mentoring, and best practices to source, identify and successfully hire globally located passive talent. The program is facilitated by Recruiters with over 10 years of tech industry experience. A passive candidate is someone who is being considered for a position but is not actively searching for a job. Finding passive talent requires a dedicated and customized approach which can be quite difficult and time-consuming for smaller, growth stage organizations with limited to no employment brand.

Our Partner

BC Tech has partnered with Creative Technology Resources to deliver coaching, mentorship, and best practices for the program. With over 10 years of recruiting experience each, Nathalie and David will be able to guide and answer all of your questions on how to grow and scale your team.

How it works

Priority will be given to BC Tech member companies between 10-100 employees, though non-member companies can apply for support and our Member Experience team will be in touch. Companies will have two options on how they can engage with the program: OPTION 1: A free 60-minute, 1:1 consultation with a Recruiter. Examples of topics are listed under ‘What you get’ and available time slots are listed below. Available Time Slots:
  • March TBD
OPTION 2: A free 2-hour best practices, hands-on workshop. There is an upcoming session on Tuesday, March 13th from 3pm – 5pm on Employer Branding.  More dates coming soon.  Apply for the engagement that most interests you via the application below. Your first engagement is complimentary once we confirm availability and the approval of your application. If you have a more complex recruiting challenge, you can engage a Recruiter via BC Tech’s preferred partner rate for further training or customized recruitment needs.

What you get

The Recruiter in Residence program gives you the same advantage as hiring a Senior Recruiter with 10+ years of specialized tech industry experience to help grow and scale your business. It’s a customized “coach approach” where you’ll be mentored for the duration of the engagement adding strategic and tactical skills, and the tools of the trade to source, identify and successfully recruit passive talent. If the talent is outside of Canada, BC Tech is also a recognized Immigration Referral Partner and can expedite the process of getting key identified talent into BC. Some of the topics that could be covered in your 1:1 consultation include:
  • Sourcing Talent: How do I find passive talent? Tips, tricks, and tools.
  • Interview Skills 101
  • Your Employment Brand: Why does it matter?
  • Legalities of hiring: (High Level)Do’s, don’ts, privacy etc…
  • The passive candidate Experience:
    • Defining the interview process
    • Ensuring internal stakeholders are aligned prior to the interview on role requirements and must haves
    • The importance of positive onboarding
  • Sourcing Talent: finding passive talent
  • Foreign Worker Recruitment:
    • Guidance on navigating this source of talent
    • Critical first steps to take before starting this hiring process
  • Job offers: How to ensure you successfully close the deal
  • Salary banding: what does it cost?
  • Role definitions: What type of talent do I need? Writing the opportunity profile and preparing your pitch
If a 1-hour session is not enough, you will have the option to engage a Recruiter via a preferred partner rate for BC Tech members.

Apply now


[expand title=”Who qualifies to apply for this program and who is it best suited for?” tag=”h3″] While BC Tech member companies between 10-100 employees will be given priority, all tech companies are welcome to apply. BC Tech will review all applications and confirm availability based on this criteria.[/expand]
[expand title=”How long is the program?” tag=”h4″] The first engagement is usually between 60 minutes(1:1) or 2 hours (workshop), depending on the activity you select. Further engagements are dependant on your needs. The pilot program will run until December 31, 2017, at which point BC Tech will evaluate its effectiveness and potential renewal. [/expand]
[expand title=”What does it cost to participate in the program?” tag=”h4″] The first engagement (1:1 consultation or workshop) is free. Pricing for further engagements will vary depending on the type of service you request, and can be discussed directly with the Recruiter. BC Tech members get a preferred rate on all paid engagements. [/expand]
[expand title=”Who should attend the 1:1 coaching sessions with the recruiter?” tag=”h4″] Someone directly accountable for Recruiting. Depending on the size of organization, that could range from a CEO, COO, CTO, VP to someone focused on HR/identifying great talent at your company. The program is ideal for growing companies who have specific questions, challenges or concerns in regards to one of the topics listed above. [/expand]
[expand title=”Who should attend the workshops sessions?” tag=”h4″]Growing companies who want to learn hands-on processes, tips, tricks and best-practices on sourcing and recruitment topics with the intent to implement and improve existing hiring processes and practices. [/expand]
[expand title=”What kind of time will I need to invest in the program?” tag=”h4″]Minimum 1 hour (1:1) or 2 hours (workshop), but it’s really up to you. You can engage with a Recruiter in different ways and time commitments vary for each. We suggest you take the time to learn best-practices and share them with everyone involved in hiring at your company to maximize the return on the program.[/expand]
[expand title=”I need more help. How do I get more help to support my hiring needs?” tag=”h4″]After you undergo your first engagement, you can apply to get additional support from a Recruiter. This will be provided via a preferred rate for BC Tech members. You will be asked to list your hiring challenge and what kind of assistance you are looking for. BC Tech and the Recruiter will review your request and if approved, you will be provided with a project proposal and quote at a preferred rate. If you accept the proposal, you will work directly with the Recruiter to fulfill your hiring needs as proposed.[/expand]
[expand title=”How do we know when a session requested is approved?” tag=”h4″]You will receive a confirmation email if your session is approved. If you have not received a reply within one week, please contact us at to follow up.[/expand]
[expand title=”The application requires us to submit specific details about our company. How will my information be treated?” tag=”h4″] Your information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect, as with all BC Tech programs and members’ data.[/expand]

For questions or comments, please contact us.