HyperGrowth Graduates its 5th cohort

Helping tech companies accelerate their growth and achieve scale success.

“We are on a different trajectory as a business because of the HyperGrowth experience.” –Steve de Jong, Founder and CEO of VRIFY Technology

Congratulations to Lumen5, PlayBiba, Riipen, VanHack, and VRIFY for graduating from the HyperGrowth accelerator program, powered by Easly, Blakes, BFL Canada, Rogers and Western Economic Diversification Canada. HyperGrowth helps technology companies grow annual revenues from $1M to $10+M. During a six-month period, each company has worked on five critical success factors to optimize their growth: 

  • Build: Deploy a marketing, sales and customer success organization that can scale
  • Analyze: Implement a company wide data-driven revenue model of customer acquisition and retention
  • Recruit: Establish people and hiring strategies that strengthen the leadership team and support rapid growth
  • Deliver: Effective communication of goals and expectations with investors and Boards
  • Inspire: Leverage purpose, vision & values to strengthen customer & employee engagement

Supported by 200+ hours from expert advisors, companies focused on their individual challenges and are now armed with the knowledge and a broader network to help them scale. Mike Rosen, Business Development Director of PlayBiba said “A key value for us were the relationships we built with mentors, who have opened the doors to valuable meetings.”

Thanks to HyperGrowth’s unique approach of providing participating companies access to content and expert advisors, companies reported tremendous growth, doubling both in revenue and staff. “HyperGrowth allowed us to think through our strategies, ultimately helping us meet our fiscal goals,” says Ilya Brotzky, CEO & Founder of VanHack. 

“HyperGrowth was unique in that it elevated our department leads. Our department leads built a strong mentor network, which has been invaluable to us.” says Mike Cheng, CEO and Co-founder of Lumen5. HyperGrowth is unique in that it applies to the entire leadership team. “Our team is paddling in the same direction with every department in a better place than before the program” says Riipen CEO, Dana Stephenson.

For half a decade, the HyperGrowth Program has helped drive companies at their pivotal stages and scale their revenues 2-3 times. It is one of the few growth-stage accelerators in the country that fills an essential gap in helping companies with revenues between $1 to $5 million scale and move towards $10 million.  The mentorship they receive during the program has contributed to the success of alumni companies like Jane, Picatic (acquired by Eventbrite), Thinkific and 22 others.

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