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HyperGrowth is BC Tech’s signature program for growth-stage companies looking to take their business to the next level by unlocking breakthroughs on five critical success factors for growth and scale success. The program offers a hands-on, mentored experience, opportunities to build valuable connections, and a tested process that empowers leaders to drive lasting results and sustainable growth.

An independent economic review found that over the last five years, HyperGrowth companies achieved:

  • 3 times revenue gain
  • 3 times faster time-to-market
  • $50,000 in cost savings per company

Who is it for?

The program is designed for CEOs, founders, and executive teams of technology companies wanting to grow annual revenues from $1M+ to $10M+.

“After completing BC Tech’s HyperGrowth program ago we tripled our revenues and doubled our team. The connections and advice provided by BC Tech were instrumental in bringing about this growth for us and will continue to fuel us for the future.” – Greg Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, Thinkific

Please contact hello@wearebctech.com to register your interest in joining the next HyperGrowth cohort

What is it?

Grounded in research and multiple years of cohort experience, the HyperGrowth program focuses on five critical success factors required to accelerate growth and scale success:

  • Build: Deploy a marketing, sales and customer success organization that can scale
  • Analyze: Implement a company wide data-driven revenue model of customer acquisition
    and retention
  • Recruit: Establish people and hiring strategies that strengthen the leadership team and
    support rapid growth
  • Deliver: Effective communication of goals and expectations with investors and Boards
  • Inspire: Leverage purpose, vision & values to strengthen customer & employee engagement

How is it delivered?

HyperGrowth is designed as a 6 month deep-dive to audit, assess and close gaps that can derail growth. After program acceptance a comprehensive growth plan specific to the needs of the company is built collaboratively with the leadership team. Bi-weekly sessions in the first months are followed by one-on-one work sessions with subject matter experts relevant to the specific gaps and needs identified. By program end, companies will have created a growth-focused operational playbook and begun to deliver it.

What is unique?

  • HyperGrowth has a rigorous selection process and is designed for the participation of the entire leadership team, not the CEO or Founders alone.
  • High quality mentors and subject matter experts who have personally experienced growth and scale success
  • Hands-on support to navigate challenging topics such as board governance and financial strategy
  • Exclusive and intimate cohort networking with tech CEOs, executives, and investors

For more information about the HyperGrowth program please contact hello@wearebctech.com

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