The Tech Collective was founded to inspire companies to build community impact programs and collaborate with one another on common interests/causes. Together, we can elevate and expand the impact of these initiatives across the province for generations to come.

There is no cost for membership in the Tech Collective and you will enjoy the following benefits:

• Learning and social events;

• Opportunity to promote your company and its community events;

• Receive communication on all tech-related community initiatives, events and opportunities to collaborate;

• Exclusive access to the Tech Collective Slack channel

• Access to (downloadable file and video) best practices in our resources section – coming soon;

 The Tech Collective will evolve under the direction of our advisory team and we encourage you to join today!


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Annual Events

Since 2014, the community’s two anchor events have raised nearly $300,000 for local charities. If you haven’t participated yet, make this your year!

Tech Pong

Since it’s inaugural annual event in 2014, TechPong and the dozens of participating tech companies, have raised over $200K for local charities!

Tech’s got Talent

Following the enormous success of TechPong in 2014, Tech’s got Talent was born in the summer of 2015. The inaugural event drew over 500 attendees and 19 lip-syncing companies who collectively raised over $50,000. The bi-annual event raised a further $35,000 in 2017!

Annual Campaign – Equal Access to STEM Education

We believe that every company and every person should give to the causes and charities that are most meaningful to them.

We also believe that there is strength and an opportunity to foster our community when we rally behind a cause that resonates with many.

Each year, The Tech Collective will promote a specific cause that the BC tech community may optionally join. There will be a series of blog posts, fundraising events and of course, a number of local charities that will be recipients of our collective generosity.

For 2018, we are partnering with Technovation: the largest technology entrepreneurship program in the world for girls aged 10-18.Learn more

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Impactful and lasting community impact programs aren’t built in a day. It takes time, experiences, and valuable resources. Creating an impactful program alone can be daunting.

With membership to The Tech Collective, you’ll gain access to an online ‘how to guide’ and invitations to quarterly learning events designed to help you leverage your company resources and strengthen the communities your team members care about. We will gather leaders from the BC community, and other like-minded companies to share their best practices with you!

  • Events Calendar launching after Tech Pong 4.0!
  • Resource Library launching after Tech Pong 4.0! 

Tech Collective Blog

Advisory Team

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Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Is the Tech Collective a registered charity?

No, The Tech Collective does not accept or distribute any charitable donations.

How do I join the Tech Collective?

Click here!

What does it cost to join?

There is currently no cost of membership. However we do anticipate having a modest annual fee ($100) beginning in 2019. So sign up now!

As a member, do I get some sort of official designation?

Not yet. However, we are in the process of developing a manifesto and criteria for membership into The Tech Collective. A formal designation will be awarded to all companies who meet the criteria.

Can I be a member if we’re based outside of British Columbia?

Unfortunately not. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot access our resources, participate in events, or offer your time, talents and treasures to our causes!

Does our company have be a tech company to be a member?

Yes, to be member of The Tech Collective, you must be a technology company. However, any company may access our resources, participate in events, or offer your time, talents and treasures to our causes!

Does our company have to be a member of the BC Tech Association to be a member of the Tech Collective?

No, but we encourage you to join as there are a lot of benefits of being a part of our broader community! Learn more here.

Does our company need to be a certain size?

No, we encourage tech companies of all sizes to join!

Who can I contact for questions and further information?

Please email us here