We are dedicated to bringing BC’s tech community together.

Tech has a reputation for being social. The tech sector likes to connect, collaborate, and come up with solutions to common problems. BC Tech shares this spirit of collaboration and dedication to harness the power of tech to do good in a variety of ways.

Events Calendar

Whether we’re bringing the community together to promote education or celebrating with 1,000 industry leaders at the Technology Impact Awards, BC Tech offers world-class events with one vision in mind: to make BC the best place to grow a tech company. Check out our events calendar to find a great tech event near you.

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Technology Impact Awards

The annual Technology Impact Awards brings together and celebrates the key players in British Columbia who are building a tech sector capable of changing lives, communities, and our province.

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BC Tech Events

At BC Tech, we pride ourselves on being able to host high-quality events that bring the community together to learn, make connections, build relationships, and help tech companies grow.

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BCTechBase is an online database that provides a comprehensive listing of companies, people, and investors in the BC technology industry.

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Aspire to Tech

Whether you are exploring the idea of a new career or are a student entertaining the idea of a career in technology our Aspire to Tech campaign shows you what it’s like to work in the industry.

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Women in Tech

Technology is the ultimate equalizer and we want to ensure that BC’s tech industry mirrors the incredible diversity of our province. It’s our mission to connect, empower, inspire, and guide women in navigating their careers and start a conversation that better represents our community.

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WhyBC 2

Why BC?

Long considered a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts and tech professionals alike, BC offers some of the most dynamic live, work, and play environments in the world. With over 10,000 tech companies, BC is Canada’s number one startup ecosystem.

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Tech Collective

The Tech Collective was founded to inspire and assist companies to build community impact programs, collaborate with one another on common interests/causes, and ensure the sustainability of our community’s grassroots events such as Tech Pong and Tech’s Got Talent.

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