Accelerating Technology Adoption

Helping non-tech companies adopt technology to grow revenues and resilience

Industry Connection Days

BC Tech’s Industry Connection Days provides companies from various sectors insight into the latest technology trends and provides opportunities for them to connect with innovative solution providers from the tech ecosystem.

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The HyperTech program designed to help non-tech small businesses adopt technology to grow their companies. With small businesses making up 98% of all BC businesses and 34% of BC GDP, accelerating their productivity and profits will result in a substantial boost to not only their competitiveness and prosperity, but the future of BC’s economy.

HyperTech Webinars

The use of social media and the internet is transforming how customers find and select companies and make purchases. Our webinars are designed to support small to medium non-tech companies in BC to stay one step ahead of the game, helping them to stand out and continue to see success.

Resource Center

Learn about new technology that you can adopt to grow your business. HyperTech Seminars are designed for small and medium-sized businesses that are exploring the use of technology to grow their businesses. HyperTech seminars and information cover a variety of topics, including digital marketing, back office productivity and online scheduling system, sales productivity and more.

Virtual Connection Day

Free one-on-one virtual meeting with a technology expert to help your business survive and thrive. Our world is facing unprecedented disruption, customers are buying goods and services in different ways, and businesses need to adapt. Learn what tools and tactics you can adopt to help your company in this uncertain time. Virtual Connection Days are for small to medium-sized companies (2-200 staff) in non-tech industries looking to learn about what technologies to adopt to reach customers, generate sales, and work remotely.

“I really appreciated our technology discussion. The expert answered my questions and provided tech solutions. Now I understand a lot more” – Small Business Owner, BC

HyperTech Digital Audit

Adopt technology to optimize and grow your business. HyperTech Digital Audit is a technology adoption program for BC-based small and medium sized businesses. The program offers one-on-one long term engagement with a technology expert who will do a deep dive on your business and provide recommendations on technology adoption to improve your business efficiency.

“This program has been instrumental in setting me on the right path toward a productive and profitable business. Prior to this audit, I felt like I did not know where to start with my digital presence or where to focus my attention and money in this regard. Now I have a detailed and comprehensive plan to follow that tells me exactly where I should focus my resources. Thank you BC Tech and Vivi for a tremendous experience!” — Small business owner

For more information about the HyperTech program or to apply for the Digital Audit please contact