8 Resources To Make Hiring Co-op Students A No-Brainer

Looking for eager talent with a fresh perspective to join your team? With 15 post-secondary institutions totalling more than 10,000 students in 300+ co-op programs in British Columbia, look no further than the talented students found right here in this province.

Announced earlier this week, the BC Tech Association is hosting the first ever Co-op Collision Day which brings together 7 schools, 200 technical co-op students and 15 companies at a career fair designed to connect scaling technology companies with co-op talent from BC schools.

According to the 2016 TechTalentBC Report, co-ops are an effective way to prepare students for the workforce, citing that “62% of students that participated in co-ops secured full-time employment within the first three months of graduation.”

Despite the proven success of co-op programs, many smaller companies are missing out on co-op talent because they don’t feel they have the resources.

“BC’s small tech companies hire students for co-ops less frequently than large companies, in part due to the time and resources required to train co-op participants for what is perceived as only a short duration,” cites the 2016 TechTalentBC Report.

However, with so many fantastic resources out there, including a variety of grants to subsidize the financial burden, hiring students is a far more viable and effective option for filling tech roles than you may realize.

For tech companies that are looking to hire co-op students, here is a toolbox of some of those resources:


If you need funding:

If you need to find talent:

If you need additional resources:

If you have any resources that you’d like to let us know about, or if you’d like to get involved in the upcoming Co-op Collision Day, please contact Sydney Goodfellow.