2016 Tech Talent Report

2016 TechTalentBC Report

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2016 TechTalent BC Report

In the last 15 years, BC’s tech sector has outpaced the province’s overall economy, growing by 91% to generate over $15 billion dollars in GDP per year. The sector’s prominence will only increase as technology products and services become ever more ubiquitous and deeply interwoven into all industries, including those not traditionally associated with tech.

Despite this promise, BC’s tech sector faces a significant headwind: a growing talent deficit. The availability of talent has been a perennial concern for companies in the sector. This was perhaps most prominently highlighted in 2016’s #BCTECH Strategy, in which tech talent was identified as a fundamental pillar of a thriving tech sector – and was suggested to be lacking in the province.

The goal of the 2016 TechTalentBC Report is to quantify this talent deficit and analyze its factors in order to diagnose difficulties and identify specific areas in which remedial action can be taken to ensure that BC’s tech companies have access to the quantity and quality of tech talent required to compete and become global leaders.

2016 TechTalentBC Report