Zhenya Beck, Co-Founder, Shares How Freightera’s Shipping Solution for Small Business Helps Reduce Stress on People and Planet

Freightera is the first lower emission freight marketplace with instant pricing from hundreds of trucking companies. We work with manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and other businesses shipping freight in Canada, the USA, and across the border between them.

It works a lot like Expedia for freight. Enter your origin and destination, what you ship, and you’ll get prices from available carriers. You can sort by price, rating, delivery estimate, and lower emission option. Quotes are all-inclusive and ready to book. Tracking information and shipping history conveniently available online. Documentation is automated. Cross-border brokerage streamlined. 5-star service stands by to help. It saves so much time to shippers that used to spend hours and sometimes days searching for trucks at good prices.

As part of their entrepreneur spotlight series, DotCom magazine sat down with Zhenya to learn more about their focus on “ship more, ship green, stress less” Watch more.