Which Star Wars characters are on your IT Team

Which Star Wars characters are on your IT Team?

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Have you heard of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? We’re pretty sure you have, unless you’ve been living under a rock (in which case, why are you reading this blog and more importantly, how are you getting Wi-Fi signal under there?).

That’s right, we’ve found a way for you to read about Star Wars without fear or recrimination. So go on, read this at work because knowing your team’s personalities and motivations will help enhance teamwork, protect your business and help defeat the evil Empire (I mean….the competition).

So, do you have any of these characters on your IT team?

A solid performer who often works quietly in the background. The world can be crumbling around him, and rarely does he lose his focus. The reality though – he is unable to communicate in a language that the business understands. He often knows the right strategy to follow, but can’t communicate effectively. As a result, he is often overlooked, and his IT ideas are rarely implemented. Check out practical communication tips from Best Selling Author, Danny Pehar.

Intelligent, knowledgeable and versatile. He also doesn’t hesitate to tell you everything that he knows about IT. He may advise, but doesn’t take action in helping the business develop an effective plan to manage its IT and security concerns. Full of suggestions, but none of them practical.

Everyone’s favourite rogue player. His tactics may not be for everyone, and some may even say he doesn’t play by the rules, but his results are undeniable. Unafraid to take a risk and try something new, he may take a bumpy path, but in the end, you can depend on him.

Our heroine is gritty and determined. She is eager to tackle complex challenges (like trying to destroy the Empire’s Death Star) and is willing to sacrifice for a higher cause.

Yes, we know he isn’t in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but we can’t talk about Star Wars without mentioning him! Luke’s the protégé with massive potential, if only he would take the time to focus and listen. Luke is often ruled more by his heart and what he feels he should be doing, rather than looking at the bigger picture. To realize his full potential, he needs to balance heart and head.

She’s a strong leader who knows how to motivate her troops. She’s unafraid of risks, but does not always think things through. Her end goal is to ensure that her business survives and comes out on top, regardless of the cost. For example, when the Empire threatened her with the destruction of Alderaan in exchange for information on the location of the rebel base, Leia was unwavering. No matter the lives destroyed, the end goal remained the only goal.

It takes many different characters to make up a great team. And every great team needs a great leader – a Yoda. A Yoda can recognize each individual’s strengths (and weaknesses) and can bring people together in the right way to work as a team. Tweet This: Who is your Yoda?

The Star Wars “team” has a mix of complementary skills and each individual can use his or her talents to balance the potential weakness of the others. Knowing this will help you and your team enable business growth while protecting the business against security threats. Together, you can defeat the competition while ensuring ransomware or hackers fade into the background and only existed “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”.

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