#WhatWorks – Industry Innovation Series

This event series explores the key role that technology plays in innovation across industries. Today, every company is a tech company!

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Supply Chain Innovation | November 29, 2022 11am to noon

What are some of the opportunities that we have now to improve efficiencies across the supply chain and harness the power of AI? Join our panel of HyperScale AI Cohort companies to dive into this hot topic.

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How the MetaVerse will change everything | January 31, 2023 11am to noon

With the shift to 3D, virtual, blockchain and immersive experiences, the world as we know it is changing. What are the business implications and opportunities that lie in this paradigm shift? Join our Metaverse C-Council members to share their take on the future of tech.

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Leveraging Tech across Industry | February 14, 2023 11:00 to noon

How can BC’s traditional resource sectors unlock new opportunities with technology partners. Here from a local technology provider and their customer in this deep-dive session on industry innovation across industries.

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