Welcome to BC Tech



We wanted to welcome you and share our journey – let you in on how we got to where we are today.

In 2017, we took a hard look at our brand and realized that we needed to make some changes. We reached out to the community to see how we could improve and be better. The brand discovery process was intensive, and the findings were clear, we needed to be bolder in our approach to growing and advocating for the tech community. Before we could do this, there were a few hurdles that we needed to overcome–the confusion around our name and the external lack of understanding about who we are and what we do as an organization.

We wanted to change this–but not overnight. So we’ve worked tirelessly over the last six-months to rebrand our organization, redesign our website, and reinvigorate our values as a team.

We know that changing our website and logo isn’t enough–so we’ll be iterating, applying member feedback, sharing our community wins, new program developments, fresh industry reports, and success stories with the tech community regularly.

Over the past six years, BC Tech has been built around the vision of our former President and CEO, Bill Tam. His unparalleled support for tech entrepreneurs, advocacy for our industry, and leadership of the BC Tech team have been instrumental to the success of the tech community across the province. Known for his integrity and high level of commitment, he is leaving us having instilled these values within our team. We feel the new brand represents the legacy that Bill leaves behind but also the new direction in which we will move.



With Jill Tipping’s arrival as the new CEO, we’re looking forward to a new era. An era where we communicate the why and how we do what we do and not just the what. We’re going to be bolder as a collective and truly champion the growth of tech companies in the province by giving them what they need in order to succeed through a diverse offering of programs and services.


Our vision hasn’t changed, we’re still working towards becoming a Top 10 Global Startup Ecosystem, and if we continue to grow and embody the power of connections, the pursuit of mutual success, and have the courage it takes to achieve this–we’ll get there.

Our industry’s prosperity and success is a driving motivator for us and our community. Succeeding together is the basis of BC Tech and how we will sustain and grow our tech ecosystem. So, join us and be all in for the next part of our journey.

To learn more about BC Tech, we invite you to meet the team, read the latest tech news, check out our programs, and become a member if you’re not already.

We’re excited about 2018 and collaborating with the entire tech community!

Assets: Download the new logo for your website HERE.

Questions? Email questions@wearebctech.com

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