Verus Art Announces the Release of a Second Masterpiece Re-Creation with the National Gallery of Canada

Claude Monet’s La Mer Agitée

Content provided by Verus Art

Atlanta, Georgia (January 26, 2015) – Larson Juhl, creators of the art world’s first 3D re-creations, announced today through their Verus Art brand, the release of their second masterpiece re-creation in collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada, Claude Monet’s La Mer Agitée.

Following the first re-creation of Van Gogh’s Iris, Monet’s masterpiece has been 3D scanned and printed utilizing the proprietary technology developed by Verus Art in collaboration with its partners, Arius Technology and Océ, A Canon Company.


La Mer Agitée, in the National Gallery of Canada’s collection since 1946, will have a limited worldwide distribution of 950 re-creations and sell for $4,500 each. A hand crafted, water gilded frame from Larson-Juhl’s Senelar atelier in France was selected for the masterpiece to honor the time period and style of the original. The Verus Art re-creation maintains the exact canvas dimensions of the original paining and measures 29 1/8” x 34 ½” with the addition of the Larson-Juhl frame.

With Verus Art’s technology, Monet’s brushwork has been recreated to capture the exquisite details of the seas, sky, and shifting sunlight that struck Monet’s inspiration during a cold March trip in 1881 to Fecamp, up the coast from Le Havre in France. The dynamic brushwork of this masterpiece is a testament to his excitement and passion for invigorating conditions. Accustomed to working outdoors and then completing his pieces in studio, La Mer Agitée appears to be laid down and finished in one brisk session.

“What an honor to be able to recreate masterpieces by renowned artists such as Van Gogh and Monet. Recreating these beautiful paintings allows us to help the world live with art in a more significant way and celebrate the hard work of our team members and technology partners,” said Paul Noble, Vice President, Business Development at Larson-Juhl. “To re-create with such precision the brushstrokes of a Van Gogh flower, or Monet seascape, or one of the great masterpieces coming soon, is a game changer with regard to helping more people around the world experience beauty.”

The collaboration between Verus Art and the National Gallery of Canada will produce a series of re-creations geared towards enhancing public engagement, retention and educational programs.

“Our selection was guided by choosing great paintings people would want to experience every day” says Stephen Gritt, Director, Conservation and Technical Research at the National Gallery of Canada. “We also wanted to challenge the technology to see how well it can capture the spirit of an individual painting – it’s essential physicality through which a painter can share thoughts, feelings, and a moment in time. I’m happy to report another success.”

Monet’s La Mer Agitée and Van Gogh’s Iris are both available at