UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund

The UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund focuses on products, services and technologies that can reshape industries and expand UPS’ ability to provide their customers with business solutions that synchronize the flow of goods, information and funds.

UPS proactively researches and evaluates companies that fall within their areas of interest. These areas are: promising market spaces, which includes international markets and consumer groups; emerging related technologies, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); and new related business models, such as those fostered in digital communities or in supply chain management companies.

UPS provides more than just capital. They work with their investment candidates and portfolio companies to ensure that any synergies are explored and developed. UPS’s global network provides unparalleled capabilities in logistics, fulfillment, transportation, and technology. Portfolio companies may work with such diverse business units as UPS Capital, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, The UPS StoreTM, and UPS e-Commerce.

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Alana Wagner