Tynagh Energy of Ireland Selects ZE-8

Tynagh Energy of Ireland Selects ZE to Provide Smooth Entry into the Integrated Single Electricity Market

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Richmond, B.C. September 12, 2017: ZE PowerGroup Inc. (ZE) is proud to announce today that it has been selected by Tynagh Energy Ltd., of Dublin, Ireland to deploy the award-winning ZEMA platform to ensure a smooth transition into the I-SEM (Integrated Single Electricity Market). ZEMA will play a pivotal role in Tynagh’s transition to the new wholesale electricity market (I-SEM) for Ireland and Nothern Ireland. ZEMA provides a streamlined data collection service to give users access to an unrivaled catalog of data sources and internal connectivity options. ZEMA will be hosted and managed in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and also provide a scalable platform to allow Tynagh to grow their market presence into the future. We are delighted to sign our first Irish client and looking forward to a long relationship with Tynagh. The value of ZEMA to Irish market participants is clear right now especially given the challenges companies face with the transition to I-SEM said Richard Leonard, ZE PowerGroup Inc., Head of European Operations. ZEMA can help provide a robust and cost effective solution to all new data from I-SEM and we can have it all installed and operational in a matter of weeks, he added. The ZEMA platform will include: A centralized data collection with an unrivaled data catalog of over 800 data vendor partners. Analysis and Visualization with Market Analyzer. Automation of sophisticated business processes with ZEMA Automation and Curve Management. The Flexibility to leverage and integrate with multiple technologies outside of ZEMA. It’s an exciting time to be an independent power producer in Ireland, said Dr. Zak El-Ramly, President and CEO of ZE Power Group Inc. We have first-hand experience in the environment of deregulation and we can help Tynagh Energy smoothly transition into the I-SEM. Following an extensive evaluation process we are very happy to have selected ZEMA as a trusted partner for I-SEM, said Cormac Daly, Business Development Manager of Tynagh Energy Ltd. The ZEMA Suite meets key requirements around data management and will ensure we have a scalable and cost effective solution to support our growth into the future. This strategic decision will go a long way to removing our internal risks around I-SEM.