Traction Conference Brings in the Big Guns

Author: Dylan Freeze

Traction Conference Panel

On June 17th, Vancouver’s tech community was lucky to have some of the more noteworthy tech moguls in BC and North America in front of their very own eyes. Of course none of this could have been achieved without the hard work of the Traction team and the many volunteers who catered the event to the approximately 900 individuals who participated.

The day started off with a fireside chat between one of Vancouver’s most famous entrepreneurs, Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, which kicked off the day with fervor. This was followed by the most inspirational moments of the day which was provided by Co-founder Lynda Weinman. During her talk she discussed her relationship with alternative learning methodologies, and how this helped her guide her own life and success on her terms.

Traction Conference Volunteers

The marquee event was saved for the end as the often reclusive CEO and Founder of PlentyOfFish, Markus Frind, appeared on stage. He discussed how he handled such a massive rate of growth with a team that consisted of solely himself up until the company reached $10 Million in sales. Then he spoke about how he eventually had to expand to a team that still seems miniscule when compared to his company’s annual revenue, of reportedly over $100 Million/year.

Following the jam-packed day, everyone in the community got a chance to relax with a few drinks and discuss the talks they most enjoyed and how they might affect their own strategies and decisions. The crowd was extremely engaged and as everyone let loose and relaxed into the evening, it was quite evident that the event had been a success. I know we at the BCTIA are quite excited for the Traction events to come and will expect to see many familiar faces then too.

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