Apply for Tech Culture of the Year

Celebrating a strong and unique company culture that demonstrates the very best of what tech culture can be. The company that has developed a culture that is the best fit for its business so that culture is a key success factor.

Harnessing the relevance of data, innovation, and agility to deliver significantly better outcomes, the company is a role model to others—perhaps in taking an approach on diversity & inclusion that goes beyond words to deliver tangible and concrete outcomes.  

Here are the criteria to base applications on:

  • Strong and unique company culture
  • Culture is at the heart of its success and drives great business outcomes
  • A role model to other companies
  • Producing a technology-focused product or service
  • BC-based

Evaluation Criteria

Completed applications should include responses to all topics/questions below.


  • A 60-second video on why you think your company deserves to be a finalist in this category. (A scrappy cellphone video is great. Send us the link via Dropbox or any any other file sharing app)


  • 200 max words description of your company.

MUST COVER: How your story is part of the fabric of BC’s tech ecosystem. Past, present or future.


  • 300 max words on your organizational culture and what makes it unique.


  • 300 max words on how your culture drives better outcomes for customers, team members, investors, and the community.

MUST COVER: Quantifiable outcomes.


  • 300 max words (total) from teammates on why they feel your organization should be considered for this award.

MUST COVER: Team member’s name, role, and years with the company.


  • 2-3 who can speak to your company’s culture from outside of your organization.