#StoptheKCUP Campaign Launches June 8th

Live Scavenger Hunt: Find the K-Cup in the Next 12 Weeks


Content provided by G-Kup Coffee

Would you like free dinner for you and three friends? How about free coffee for a month? All while helping protect the environment? Awesome!

G­KUP Coffee x Vancity Buzz are bringing to Vancouver the #stopthekcup campaign – a live scavenger hunt in Vancouver featuring Vancouver shops, restaurants, and cool experiences.

Once a week for 12 weeks G­KUP Coffee will be planting a K-Cup somewhere in Vancouver. The first person to find the K­-Cup and post an image on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram tagging @G­_KupCoffee & @VancityBuzz wins an awesome prize.

How to find the prize?

GKUP and Vancity Buzz will be giving out hints on Instagram (@VancityBuzz, @G_KupCoffee) and Twitter (@VancityBuzz, @G_KupCoffee) every Monday followed by hints every day of the week until someone finds the prize. We have some pretty awesome prizes so be sure to follow us!

About GKUP’s mission:

G­KUP Coffee is a Vancouver based company passionate about eliminating the world of wasteful packaging practices. The G­KUP is the first Keurig compatible single serve pod that is made of readily renewable materials making it 100% compostable. The innovative use of readily renewable materials combined with a dynamic design maintains the taste and integrity of the coffee. GKUP Coffee provides a rich, great tasting, fully compostable product that will satisfy the consumer’s desire to brew a single­ serve hot beverage in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


  1. You must take a picture with the K-­Cup at the location and Tweet, Instagram or Facebook @GKUP to claim the prize. Be sure to follow us for more awesome contests and to get clues for the next week!
  2. After you claim the K-­Cup, contact the contact info printed on the prize ticket inside the K­-Cup to get your prize.
  3. The first person to post a picture of the prize on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram gets it.
  4. If the prize is not found by Sunday of that week, the prize will be rolled into next week’s prize.

Guidelines for prizes:

  1. All prizes will be hidden on public property. Please don’t trespass on any private property in search of a prize.
  2. All prizes will be hidden at ground level. Please don’t climb on any public art or buildings in search of a prize.

For more information about GKUP, click here.