Spotlight on PageFreezer team photo

Spotlight on PageFreezer

This week’s Spotlight on Tech features PageFreezer, a leader in website and social media archiving helping organizations stay compliant with their industry regulations, and stay out of trouble. Based out of Gastown, this small team hustles hard to solve challenges in RegTech and eDiscovery.

Describe your company and primary product(s) and/or service(s).

PageFreezer is a SaaS company that offers website archiving, social media archiving and enterprise collaboration network archiving solutions to organizations across industries. By collecting and preserving this data in evidentiary quality, PageFreezer helps its clients comply with regulations and protect themselves in the event of a legal case against them.

How many employees currently work at your company?

We currently have 32 driven and authentic team members hailing from over 10 countries working with us to help organizations of all kinds stay out of trouble for non-compliance. We’re always on the lookout for stellar talent, so if you’re looking for a new place to call home, check us out.

Where are you located?

Gastown! We’re set up in a heritage building complete with brick walls, hardwood floors, endless eating and drinking spots, and the quaint chime of the Steam Clock.

Describe the culture at your company.

Right now, we’re all about scale. Not only scaling our product to support over 250K users, but scaling our tight-knit, transparent, and healthy culture. We just revamped our values to ensure we do this successfully and we’re pretty stoked about them.

What does your leadership team (and company as a whole) do to support/grow that culture?

In addition to quarterly values and results-based check-ins to evaluate how you’re succeeding and growing, each employee has a $1600 learning budget to use for their professional and personal development whether that means taking a course, getting certified, or devouring some books.

When your employees talk about your company, what do they brag about?

  • The people! We’ve got a pretty diverse team, each with their own unique perspective and voice they’re encouraged to share.
  • Actual work-life balance. No late nights or weekends needed to produce results here.
  • Impact and autonomy. Our flat hierarchy and small team mean you see first-hand how your work affects everything else in the business.

Describe your most recent achievement/milestone as a company.

Besides appearing on rankings like the Profit500, and just recently the Inc.5000, earlier this year we announced our partnership with Facebook Workplace. We’re excited to help many more clients through this opportunity. An extended office happy hour was definitely in order for that one!

Are you hiring? Why should a candidate apply to your company? What are the benefits of working for you?

Absolutely! Check out our roles and career page here. We’ve bootstrapped ourselves to success and are now positioned to scale fast. If you’re looking for an opportunity to be a first 50 employee in a high-growth industry, where you’ll be supported by your friendly teammates, then apply today!

Who is the ideal employee for your company?

We’re looking for continuous learners who take extra steps to make each interaction with colleagues or customers authentic and collaborative. People who are proactive, flexible, team-oriented, and great listeners are perfect fits for us!

What is your company goal for the coming year?

We’re scaling our product to support more users and networks in more locations and industries while still providing a stable and secure experience, which means growing our company to meet that goal (while having a great time doing it).

Tell us an interesting fact/memorable moment/funny story about your company.

We like to get out and about and enjoy some fresh air together as a team. One time we rented speed boats for a day out on the water to take in the sights. Despite our sheer excitement for the day, we later found out this was a TERRIBLE idea as most people got seasick! We all laugh about it now, but we’re taking a break from water-related activities for a bit. Bowling, karaoke, and bubble soccer it is! You can check out what we’re up to on our instagram.