Spotlight on Istuary Innovation Group

This week’s Spotlight on Tech features Istuary Innovation Group, a Canadian technology company that focuses on high-barrier technologies, moving from digital solutions to intelligent solutions. Istuary’s vision is to “connect local technology to global markets” known as glocalization.

Describe your company.

Istuary Innovation Group was founded in a local Vancouver McDonalds in 2013 by Ethan Sun, Founder and Chairman, a Canadian-Chinese entrepreneur. Ethan recognized the potential opportunities bridging Canadian technology to global markets with an eye on China’s growing need for innovative technologies.

What is your primary product or service?

We are a company that builds companies. We focus on high-barrier “blue ocean” technology such as Storage Technologies, IC Design, Smart Industry, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Internet of Things. Innovation Labs is the R&D arm that focuses on in-house enterprises based on pre-determined demand in fast-growing markets. Idea Labs works with the local entrepreneur and small business community by providing free access to global resources and global opportunities known as the “Martian Program”.

Where are you located?

Istuary first started with 15 people in 2013 in Vancouver. In just 3 years, we have grown to almost 1,300 full-time employees across 3 countries and in 25 cities. We are based in Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, Los Angeles, San Francisco and eventually Montreal and Burnaby. We have 17 offices throughout China. Up to 350 employees are expected to be based in North America alone by the end of 2016.

Describe the culture of your company.

We are the employer of choice. We are a diverse, vibrant, and motivated group of people who make up Istuary. If you are ready for a non-traditional career and want to make a difference in technology, check out our Careers Page here. From hosting Best Halloween costume contests to making over 100 pancakes to raise funds for men’s health over the month of Movember, Istuary provides a fun, creative and inspiring atmosphere. Come and check us out!

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