Spotlight on Indeed

Describe your company and its product.

Indeed is the #1 job site in Canada – and the world – and allows job seekers to search millions of jobs on the web or mobile in over 60 countries and 28 languages.

Companies post jobs directly to Indeed. In addition, Indeed pulls jobs from global websites, and allows you to access these positions from its site.

What year did your company start?


Which city (or cities) are you located? 

In Canada, Indeed is headquartered in Toronto with regional employees across Canada, including Montreal and now Vancouver, where we’re currently hiring talented individuals who will focus on finding better ways to match candidates with employers, and making it easier for people to apply for jobs!

Describe your company culture in three words.

  • Collaborative
  • Energetic
  • Enthusiastic

How do you celebrate company or employee wins? 

We celebrate wins in many ways – from banging a gong when we make a sale to enjoying office happy hours and holiday celebrations to keep us connected.

We’re also proud to offer an open vacation policy to full-time Indeedians across the globe because we believe that trusted, empowered and rested employees have a better chance of being happier and performing better.

What is the problem that you are trying to solve?

Indeed has always been focused on one thing only – helping people get jobs. It’s the mission that has guided our organization since we were founded in 2004 and continues to fuel our growth today.

How are you making an impact?

Indeed benefits people looking for jobs by allowing them to access potential opportunities from a single source and benefits employers by getting their job in front of millions of potential candidates and by enabling them to stand out.

What is your hope for the future of tech in BC?

We’re thrilled to have a growing presence in Vancouver given the city’s vibrant tech scene and highly-skilled talent. As more and more tech companies come to Vancouver, we believe that it’s important to support diversity and inclusion in the tech space to help grow the talent pool and meet the increasing demand for local talent. We’re very excited to see Indeed Vancouver develop roots in BC and become an active part of the community.