Spotlight on Hyperwallet

This week’s Spotlight on Tech features Hyperwallet, a purpose-built payout platform that provides growing organizations with a reliable way to manage payments and enhance the payee’s experience.

Describe your company.

At Hyperwallet, our goal is to provide growing organizations with a frictionless, transparent, and reliable way to distribute funds to their global contractors, suppliers, and resellers. Built atop sophisticated online and mobile payments technology, Hyperwallet’s advanced payment architecture unifies fragmented financial infrastructure in a singular environment. The end result is a global payout platform unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Describe the culture at your company.

Hyperwallet values teamwork, collaboration, and community. We take pride in our clients, our colleagues, and the quality of our technology platform. With a mindset for innovation and a knack for disruption, Hyperwallet’s culture empowers outside-the-box thinking and working together to bring exciting products to life.

What does your leadership team (and company as a whole) do to support that culture?

Hyperwallet’s leadership team encourages our staff to embrace new challenges and work hard to push our technology to the next level. With open concept office spaces and interdepartmental seating, Hyperwallet’s employees are exposed to new ideas and opportunities for collaboration every single day.

But it’s not all about the work. Our monthly social events and town hall meetings give employees an opportunity to strengthen their relationships and deepen our sense of team unity. Mingle over fresh snacks every morning in the lounge, or stick around on a Friday afternoon to tap the keg and share a drink with coworkers.

When your employees talk about your company, what do they brag about?

Above all, Hyperwallet employees have the sense that they’re a part of something important. We’re building something previously unheard of in the financial industry: a fast and convenient system of outbound payments to independent workers and freelancers all around the world. In the past, contractors may have had to wait days, or even weeks to receive payment for their work. With Hyperwallet, these individuals can access their earnings in real-time. In a world increasingly shifting to gig work and short-term employment, the value of that can’t be overstated.

Describe your most recent achievement, milestone, reason for bragging rights.

Hyperwallet has recently signed several leading clients in the ecommerce and marketplace space, including OPSkins™, Marketplacer, and Live Nation’s Universe. We’ve also opened an office in London, our fifth location and the first in Europe.

What kinds of roles are you hiring for?

Java Developers, Business Analysts, Service Desk Specialists, Customer Service Representatives, Technical Writers, DevOps Engineers, SDET

What kinds of people are you looking for?

Hyperwallet employees are an easy-going bunch who are just as happy collaborating with a team as they are taking the lead on a project by themselves. We value a fearless approach to problem-solving, an unshakeable sense of creativity, and a commitment to seeing projects through to the end. We’re also proud to let our geek flags fly: decorate your workspace with your finest Star Wars Lego, or discuss the latest Beyoncé album in our community Slack channel.

What is your company goal for the coming year? 

Hyperwallet will continue to expand overseas in 2017, with plans to open an office in Australia within the first quarter. We also expect to see the number of registered payees on the Hyperwallet platform approach 20 million.

To learn more about Hyperwallet, click here.

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