Spotlight on Foodee

For this week’s Spotlight on Tech we are focusing on Foodee, a local company that is shaking up corporate food culture, providing a fast and easy option for office delivery.

1. Describe your company and your primary product(s) and/or service(s).

Partnering with a wide range of renowned local restaurants, our operation reflects a commitment to quality, sustainability, and delicious food. By supplying our customers with a comprehensive delivery experience, we make sure to bring the right restaurant to you.

Conveniently accessed through our online ordering tool or available concierge team, we can accommodate any allergy, sensitivity, or budgetary restriction. There is no easier way around lunch, and as such, Foodee is the perfect solution for all office meals.

2. How many employees currently work at your company?

Having recently established ourselves in Austin, Philadelphia, and Denver, Foodee’s numbers continue to climb. With over thirty employees located in our Vancouver HQ alone, the Foodee family is upward of fifty across all of it’s North American markets.

3. Where are you located?

Bounded by brick and the chugging of trains, Foodee’s Vancouver headquarters sits sturdy on the outskirts of the city’s historic Gastown.

In Toronto, we’ve set up shop in the Queen Street West area, with our more recent Austin, Philadelphia, and Denver offices located in other active neighborhoods.

4. Describe the culture at your company.

Our company is founded on a system of collaboration, creativity, and mutual support. We’re encouraged to think abstractly, rewarded for coming up with new ideas and experimenting. While we can always rely on our teammates for incentive or new perspectives, it’s up to us to find that balance between audacity and opportunity, the area most often thought of that leads to the best results.

We never have our hands held, but with like-minded people all around us, empathy is always present on both personal and professional fronts alike.

6. When your employees talk about your company, what do they brag about?

Besides the mass amount of feasting our employees partake in on a regular basis, most agree that it’s the inclusive nature of our company that puts us above the rest.

Our kitchen is a communal space and our finger foods a talking point, and we know that whatever the issue might be, we can always count on those around us.

7. What kind of roles are you hiring for?

Foodee is in the midst of a bit of growth spurt, and, as a result, are always on the lookout for great people. In our Vancouver office we’re currently aiming to increase the size of our development team, wanting to hammer out and standardize how both our employees and customers engage with our product.

8. Describe your most recent achievement, milestone, reason for bragging rights.

October was a huge month. Smashing both weekly and monthly sales records, we’re well on our way to something spectacular.

9. What is your company goal for the coming year?

Things are happening here at Foodee. With ongoing expansion into the United States, we’ll be setting up shop in countless new cities in the upcoming year.

To learn more about Foodee, visit them online at

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