Spotlight on Finning Digital

Q&A with Tom Nyberg – Global Performance Solutions Leader What is Finning Digital? Finning Digital, a part of Finning – the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, is leveraging digital technology to connect machines, people and sites, transact business and provide new solutions to transform our customers’ performance.Our team is dedicated to supporting Finning connect data and technology with the expertise of employees world-wide to deliver an enhanced customer experience and improve customer outcomes. Click here to find out more! Where are you guys located? We have team members located across Finning and an office in Gastown, Vancouver, B.C. known for its density of start-up companies, tech innovation, and incubator workspaces. There are no corner offices here—you’ll find open workstations, a flattened hierarchy, and collaboration across the team and company. Learn what it is like to work at Finning Digital here. Describe the culture of your company. Finning Digital is made up of a global team of diverse and talented individuals.We’re builders, innovators, and specialists with deep expertise in Internet of Things, data science, analytics, digital solutions sales, and digital marketing. We come from two worlds. Some of us are experienced Finning employees who bring customer and equipment knowledge while others know the startup world well bringing insight about the Internet of Things, data science, analytics, digital solutions sales, and digital marketing. But, we share one very important trait in common—we want to make things happen. Titles are a challenge to come up with—we all wear different hats because we own our contributions. But, if you’re looking for autonomy and share our “anything is possible” mentality, you’ll feel right at home! “Finning’s strong heritage is impressive and reassuring—not many companies can say they’ve been around for more than 80 years. At the same time, the way the business is embracing technology to stay ahead of the competition and support customers and employees in their success and productivity is inspiring. We’re being very pioneering and pulling together an incredibly diverse team of digital professionals.”– Alex Andrews, Marketing Manager, Global E-Channel and Brand What does your leadership team do to support/grow that culture? In order to successfully develop our start-up culture the digital leadership team works to create a space where all employees feel empowered, comfortable to contribute, try new things and be innovative. Describe your most recent milestone. We recently launched a new product that simply, seamlessly and cost-effectively facilitates the exchange of information between owner, operator and equipment. What is Finning Digital’s’ goal for the coming year? Our focus this year is to continue to grow our digital capabilities, leverage our existing talent, work in partnership with the business and recruit externally. By connecting with each other globally, we can connect more customers to our machines, technologies, and insights. It is through these connections, we enable a tomorrow with limitless possibilities. To learn more about Finning Digital check out our website. For job postings please click here!