Spotlight on Domain7

In this week’s Spotlight on Tech, we look at a company that prides themselves as a digital transformation agency. Domain7 is an agency with technical and emotional depth, working with clients collaboratively to create innovative, empathetic digital experiences that help organizations grow and communities connect. With the ultimate goal of an entire world made better, Domain7 is transforming organizations and helping them catch up to the future. Change is in the making and Domain7 is right at the core of it.

1. Describe your company and your primary product(s) and/or service(s).

Domain7 is a digital transformation agency, serving the globe from Vancouver, Abbotsford and Seattle. Founded in 1996 by Shawn Neumann, and with hundreds of clients over the years, Domain7 specializes in smart digital solutions to grow your organization, connect your community, and make the world a better place—created collaboratively. Domain7 believes every individual and organization has the potential to become great—it involves putting humans first, tapping into your purpose, and harnessing the transformative power of technology.

2. How many employees currently work at your company?

3. Where are you located?

We have offices in Vancouver, Abbotsford, and Seattle. With employees spread out between different locations, we do a lot of online meetings as well as regular travel between offices. We have a company Zipcar account, and a lot of employees also make good use of public transit.

4. Describe the culture at your company.


A fine balance of autonomy and accountability is at the core of our company culture. We value close, collaborative teamwork both within our company and with our clients. We are empowered to maintain a healthy work and personal life through respect and trust. We place an emphasis on giving back to the community around us through charitable work as well as through professional development. Employees are encouraged to take initiative in their roles to grow and expand their scope.

5. What does your leadership team (and company as a whole) do to support/grow that culture?

Rather than a top-down kind of feeling, there’s a very horizontal approach within the company. There is a greater emphasis placed on coaching and mentoring rather than managing. The leadership team collaborates closely with employees at all levels and administrative staff feel just as valued as designers or project managers. The leadership team is always looking for new ways to bring transparency to our processes, create opportunities for constructive feedback, and open up avenues of in-house learning and development. Discipline teams discuss their field as peers, identifying ways to improve our process and their craft.

6. When your employees talk about your company, what do they brag about? Domain7

  • great results, positive feedback from clients
  • valuable work that transforms our clients
  • a positive culture with aligned values
  • autonomy within a shared vision
  • developing cutting edge technological solutions
  • culture of collaboration
  • our human-first approach
  • really digging into the nitty gritty of user experience7. Describe your most recent achievement, milestone, reason for bragging rights.We’ve recently gone through a rebranding here at Domain7 and we’re feeling pretty excited about where we’ve come from and our renewed vision for the future.8. What kinds of roles are you hiring for?Front-End Developer

    9. What kinds of people are you looking for?

    At the very top of the list is respect—we’re looking for people who place high value on other human beings and are driven by integrity and passion. We want to see a blend of curiosity, critical thinking, and humility.

    We’re looking for people who are confident in their skills and experience, but are also willing to keep on learning. We’re especially looking for people who are eager to collaborate and believe that great work can be accomplished in a team setting.

    10. What is your company goal for the coming year?

    It’s a big year, not just for Domain7, but for the world. Amazing trends are afoot worldwide, and Domain7 is entrenched in them: like seeing empathy as a key ingredient in business and design. We’re believers in that movement and will continue to help it grow. Like digital transformation: this year, more businesses than ever will finally see and embrace the digital opportunity. And like collaboration and facilitation as a crucial part of the innovation process. We’re part of that.

    Domain7 in 2015 is all about “getting out of our living room” — this year, we’re at more conferences, events, workshops, and writing more on other people’s platforms, with our new brand, helping share with the world the perspectives on these themes.

    Change is in the making: transformative collaborations with Domain7 from Domain7 on Vimeo.

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