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In this week’s Spotlight, we are featuring Aequilibrium, an agency of product managers, designers and developers dedicated to creating winning web, mobile and IoT solutions. Aequilibrium recently launched a new product, Tappie, a software created to enhance your retail shopping experience. From researching items to shipping the product, Tappie provides a seamless experience for the users, making mobile shopping a positive and enjoyable experience. Read on to learn more about Tappie.


A lot can happen in a year. At a tech startup, a lot can happen in even a few short months.

So let’s rewind to late of last year. Alex had just graduated with his Masters in Artificial Intelligence and luckily for us, signed with Aequilibrium to come on board as a Developer. It was at this time we were also fortunate to have Matt join the A-Team as our UI/UX Design Lead. Adrian, the mastermind behind Aequilibrium, bounced the idea off Alex and Matt to do something that had never been attempted in the history of the company—building our own IP. What started off as, “Wouldn’t it be cool to develop an application that could demonstrate NFC technology?” turned out to be, dare we say it, the coolest thing to happen at Aequilibrium.

Completely on board with the idea, Alex and Matt didn’t want to wait any longer, and delved right into developing Aequilibrium’s IP. Things were a bit slow since the holidays were fast approaching. So of course, like any other sane individuals, Alex and Matt decided to spend their holidays with complete strangers—each other! While the rest of us were enjoying some quality time with our families, Alex and Matt were detailing out the concept, infrastructure and application design. Once that was underway, they started talking application execution, user interface, user experience design, and of course, testing. It’s safe to say they became pretty close friends as a result.

Speed. That’s something we’re known for around here. We work fast. Really fast. Our team uses Agile methodologies and Lean Startup principles to deliver our clients’ projects before the competition. We do it for our clients’ projects so it was exciting to apply these practices to our own internal project—developing some IP.

In just two weeks, Alex and Matt had done what we deemed to be impossible—they had built out a killer mobile application in which the NFC feature was already working. The next two weeks were spent building out more critical features for a better user interface. It was an exciting time at the company. Aequilibrium had just given birth to its firstborn.

Welcome to the world, ‘Tappie.’


Tappie couldn’t have come at a better time. Adrian was headed off to Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Show. Being a professional services company, it’s often difficult to showcase what our company is able to do in a tangible manner. We now had a product that people could experience on their own. We were also proud to showcase Tappie to the local community through our space at BCTIA’s pavilion at the BC TECH Summit. Building out the application didn’t cost us a whole lot of money but it showed others what our team was capable of. Tappie is a true testament of our ability to do things well, and do them fast.


So what exactly does Tappie do? Tappie provides a seamless, omnichannel experience by leveraging cutting edge technologies to enhance and extend the retail shopping experience. By tapping your phone on the NFC tag attached to a product, Tappie provides contextually aware information about the product displayed in store: availability, pricing, promotions, sizing, and colour options. Tappie uses personalization, based on the user’s preferences for product attributes such as size and colour, so it can customize the order specifically to each user. It also streamlines the user experience (buy with one click, ship automatically to the user’s default address), reduces friction (cashless, touchless interaction) and minimizes risk (using features such as biometrics to authenticate the user and tokenization to convert the credit card information into a token).


Although Alex and Matt are the latest additions to the A-Team, their ability to get things done fast, and done exceptionally well, is a true reflection of the entire team at Aequilibrium.

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