Momentus team

Spotlight on Momentus, a Softvision Studio

This week’s Spotlight on Tech features Momentus, an innovation studio that focuses on AR, VR, AI, IoT and Mobile products and experiences. They have previously partnered with companies like Starbucks, Reddit, Verizon, GE and Whole Foods to develop new technologies. Find out more about who they are and how they positively contribute to the BC technology ecosystem:

Describe your company and your primary product(s) and/or service(s).

We are digital services company that sits at the intersection of strategy, design and execution for the world’s leading global brands. We are a transformational partner who helps our clients create game-changing digital experiences.

How many employees currently work at your company?

We have 2550 employees.

Where are you located?

Our Vancouver studio is located in 509 Richards Street at Pender, downtown Vancouver. But we have studios also in US (Oakland, New York, Austin & Atlanta), Romania (Cluj, Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Baia Mare), India (Mysore and Bangalore), Nepal, Australia and Argentina.

Describe the culture at your company.

Innovation embodies the work we do and the way we work with one another.

Our organization’s culture backbone are our six core values which represent what we believe in. Our values intend to foster positive and meaningful thinking within Softvisioners, communities, guilds and studios all over the globe.

Our Core Values:
Better Together
Make an Impact
Inspire People
Agility is a Mindset
Make it Happen
Listen and Share

What does your leadership team (and company as a whole) do to support/grow that culture?

We constantly teach each other about the amazing emerging technologies we are all working on, ideating with and selling to share our knowledge.

In the era of AI and automation, the world needs more human intelligence. At Softvision, our main asset are the “guilds”—self-organizing communities of expert talent in design, engineering, process, and culture. Through these guilds, we connect people and talent globally, incentivize local and cultural diversity throughout our network of studios around the world, and nurture our people so they can reach their full potential.

We don’t have talent factories that train in mass quantities like the big traditional IT players do, and we don’t kill individuality through standardization. Instead, we leverage diversity, exposing young people to different emerging technologies, new design trends, agile as mindset, and the workplace—teaching, grooming and exposing them to a whole array of customers, products, projects and brands around the world and, in many cases, giving them the opportunity to travel and live in other geographies.

When your employees talk about your company, what do they brag about?

  • Working on a variety emerging technologies at the same time.
  • Working with leading customers around the world.
  • Being surrounded by talented technologists who push and teach each other every day.

Describe your most recent achievement/ milestone as a company. How did you team celebrate it?

We recently launched video and video content hosting for Reddit. It was a major product development for the company that they call ‘the front page of the internet’ that sets their team up for many major product advancements in the future. Working with companies like Reddit is one of the true joys of working at Momentus/Softvision.

Are you hiring? Why should a candidate apply to your company? What are the benefits of working for you?

Yes, we are always hiring talent and we grew by 30% last year. We have an open environment and our team is always collaborating on emerging technologies. We treat our talent like talent – we do not micromanage but make sure our people have what they need to produce the best work. We also have unlimited sick days.

Who is the ideal employee for your company?

  • Hungry to learn about new technologies
  • Low in ego and high in curiosity

What is your company goal for the coming year?

We see growth on talent and diversity in the near future. Opening Studios in new geographies and getting into new industries, making clients our partners while helping them leverage our agile culture, our human talent and our expertise in technology to foster better, memorable experiences.

Tell us an interesting fact/memorable moment/ funny story about your company.

Our Vancouver studio originally entered the market by doing world-class Android apps. When Amazon launched the Fire Phone, we had just finished developing the Hotel Tonight app. At the launch event, Jeff Bezos showcased that app on stage and to the livestream audience. We knew our talented team was onto something big!

If you are interested in discussing how our firm can benefit you and your business, please feel free to contact Momentus, Softvision’s Vancouver Studio.
James Basnett, Innovation