Spirit Of BC Tech: Resilience

Spirit Of BC Tech: Resilience

Applications will open in 2022

About this Award

The COVID-19 pandemic brought huge challenges to BC. We were tested in unprecedented ways and we all had to tap into our inner reserves of resilience to pivot and adapt. In the face of adversity, we came together as a community united in the purpose of building back better. This award recognizes those who have demonstrated the Spirit of BC Tech through their ability to adapt amidst the challenges of the past year and contribute their energy and their innovation to building the resilience of British Columbia and Canada itself.

Who Should Apply?

Nominees in this category must be:

  • Selling a technology-related product, service, solution, system or platform
  • In market and commercialized
  • BC-based

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate nominees:

  1.   Awards Pitch (max. 250 words) – 20%

Tell us how your company demonstrated the ’Spirit of BC Tech’ by leaning in, adapting your products, your platform, your services and your team to help build BC’s resilience in the past year.

  1.   Business Strategy and Background (max. 500 words) – 20%

Tell us more about you company’s history here in BC. Why does your company exist? What customers and markets do you support? What partnerships, collaborations and relationships have you fostered to support the success of the broader tech community? What are the spin-off benefits of your company’s success for the tech ecosystem and British Columbia as a whole?

  1. What challenges did you face and how did you adapt? (max. 1000 words) – 30% 

What were some of the challenges that your company tackled head-on in the past year? In what ways did you harness your innovation and energy to solve these big problems? How did you adapt and change your products, your platform, your services and your team? How did these actions support the resilience of your community, the tech ecosystem and the BC economy as a whole?

  1. What were the results? (max. 1000 words) – 30%

How did your actions positively impact your customers, your team, your community and society as a whole? What are the measurable results of how your company helped build the resilience of others? Who was impacted and how will they emerge stronger than ever? What did you learn about your own company’s resilience that you did not know before? What are the lasting positive impacts to your business and to the BC Tech community? How might your story inspire others?