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BC has a scale-up problem
Too few BC start-ups become scale-ups
The solution is ScaleUP BC

The 2020 KPMG BC Tech Report Card: Tackling the Scale-up Challenge reviewed the state of BC’s tech sector. We asked why BC tech companies seemed to stay small, not only compared to other global ecosystems but compared to other parts of Canada. We found a clear answer. What BC lacks is sustained, multi-year federal and provincial investment to provide the kinds of programs that help companies grow from small to medium-sized and from medium-sized to large.

Eleven BC innovation organizations came together to create the ScaleUP BC platform. Built on the foundations of the successful, well-funded ScaleUp Ontario platform and adapted for the specific needs of BC’s tech economy, ScaleUP BC provides a cohesive structure to deliver a new level of targeted programming, shared resources and standardized metrics to support scaleup success across BC.

BC Tech has been lobbying the federal and provincial governments for a combined $41M investment to implement the ScaleUP BC platform. This strategic investment will build on the competitive advantages of the BC tech sector, support the growth of over 800 BC technology companies, create 10,000 incremental clean jobs and grow a more robust, green, diverse and globally exporting economy for BC

What’s so great about scale-ups? Why are they an important and necessary part of a thriving tech ecosystem? BC Tech CEO Jill Tipping gives 10 reasons in this short video.

What positive impact do ScaleUP programs have? Tech companies explain in their own words how they were supported to scale-up and grow.

Listen to the full podcast on the 2020 BC Tech report card with CPABC host Kerri Wilcox, KPMG partner George Kondopolous and BC Tech CEO Jill Tipping.

ScaleUP BC will deliver a strong return on investment by growing the economy, accelerating the growth of BC tech companies, creating more tech jobs and increasing diversity in BC’s tech talent pool.

Thank you to the supporters of ScaleUp BC!

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    Thank you to those who provided letters of support for ScaleUP BC:

    • Andrew Booth, Abcellera
    • Kristine Steuart, Allocadia
    • Jesse Dougherty, Amazon
    • George Philip, AOT Technologies
    • Jack Newton, Clio
    • Josh Nilson, East Side Games
    • Dan Box, Electronic Arts
    • Dave Cummings, Finning International
    • Cameron Burke, Fort Capital
    • Grace Quan, Hydrogen in Motion
    • Bruce Qi, Launchpad Technologies
    • Darcy Taylor, LEAF Mobile
    • Leon Ng, LNG Studios
    • Hon. Michelle Mungall, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness
    • Matt Switzer, Northwest Capital
    • George W. Reznik, Tantalus Systems Corp
    • Andrew Reid, Rival Technologies
    • Helen Sheridan, Stemcell
    • Rich Osborn, Telus Ventures
    • Santa Ono, University of British Columbia
    • Kirsten Sutton, Vancity

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