Say Hello to our New Members! (August 2015)

Author: BC Tech Association

Out of the many things we do at The Hub, one of our favourites is welcoming new members to our network! This month we met some awesome companies creating innovation solutions for the world and we’d like to introduce them to you!

Below are our newest members. Read on to learn more about them!

Aspect Biosystems

Aspect Biosystems Ltd is a Canadian biotechnology company working towards a future where doctors determine which drugs work for their patients before prescribing them, where animals are no longer needed for the development of new therapeutics, and where lifesaving transplant organs are created, not harvested. To realise these goals, Aspect has developed a disruptive 3D bioprinting platform technology capable of creating living human tissues on demand.


Grouplend is a Canada’s first marketplace lending platform. Their job is to give Canadians a better way to borrow — one that’s faster, easier and more affordable than getting a loan from a bank or carrying a balance on a credit card. They leverage the power of technology to bring together creditworthy borrowers seeking loans with investors looking to earn a fair return on their money — all in a convenient online environment that guarantees timely, personalized service with very competitive interest rates.

Grokworx Software Ltd

Grokworx Software is a virtual learning infrastructure and solutions company based in British Columbia, Canada. Grokworx delivers virtual learning solutions with a focus on virtual hands on labs for technical training. Grokworx provides a hosted solution that includes everything you need to create, manage, sell, and deliver highly interactive and hands on virtual learning activities. Grokworx has been providing virtual learning solutions for companies like Microsoft since 2004.

HeadCheck Health

HeadCheck is a complete concussion management and identification tool used by trained professionals in sport. With HeadCheck’s iOS app users can run baseline and post-injury concussion assessments, track athlete concussion health, and get instant comparison to past test performance. Combined with a comprehensive battery of concussion tests, HeadCheck’s novel balance quantification method provides objective scoring, providing users with reliable scores to make appropriate sideline decisions.


Hiilite™ is a full service Marketing, Web Design, and Branding Agency helping local, national and international clients grow their businesses and organizations. They create beautiful and functional marketing designed to provide the highest return on investment. They show every client the value of our digital, print, and socially aware marketing campaigns.

Motion Metrics

Motion Metrics International is a private Canadian corporation dedicated towards developing intuitive, reliable, cutting-edge monitoring technologies for the mining and oil industries, in order to improve safety of operation, increase production efficiency, and reduce equipment downtime. Their advanced monitoring solutions are the result of over 15 years of research and development focused on solving challenges faced in mining operations around the world. They provide a range of advanced monitoring solutions for mining equipment including: loaders, shovels, and conveyor belts. Each solution is design to the specific needs of the equipment

Puddle Tap

Puddle Tap Publishing Ltd believes stories add sparkle to a child’s life. That’s why they make awesome ebooks for kids that are available as apps on the different App Stores. Every ebook created is a work of art: a rich visual and sound experience. Their hope is to inspire curiosity and open kids up to the wild possibilities of their own imaginations. Puddle Tap aims to help families use mobile technology (like iPads) to make storytime enchanting and educational.

ReCollect Systems Inc

ReCollect Systems is a technology company specializing in digital solutions for the waste management sector. With a focus on meeting and surpassing the expectations of residents, ReCollect has the proven experience to deliver digital products that also meet the needs of waste managers, communicators, IT specialists and governmental officials.

SeeYouNow Medical Ltd

The SeeYouNow platform has been developed in partnership with doctors and nurses working in palliative and chronic care. It aims to provide a communication channel between patients and clinicians and between clinicians.


Shaw Communications is a leading network and content experience company – one that brings Internet, data, phone and entertainment services to your business, home and on the go. Under the surface you’ll find over 14,000 of the most resourceful and creative minds in the industry.


Uni-Innovation is a business consulting group that provides accelerating programs and venture capital fund in hatching start-ups locally and internationally. Uni-Innovation is committed to provide excellent overseas hatching programs and venture capital fund for China’s innovative and entrepreneurs; and it is also committed in providing access to the Chinese market with related consulting services, for start-ups in North America who may be interested in expanding their business internationally.


Innovative Time Solutions has developed an innovative and improved SaaS scheduling solution, specifically targeted towards students, employees and employers. It is called Calemazoo. It’s unique approach and patent pending design enables users to do much more than simply manage work schedules. Calemazoo is about time. It’s about knowing who and what is available and sharing your availability with others on your terms.

To the companies listed above, once again … WELCOME!

If you’re wondering on how to get more involved with the community, here are some ways to start:

We look forward to seeing you out and about at our next event!