RxMx and Curatio Announce Merger to Tackle Urgent Healthcare Gaps

Two global innovators join to support overburdened doctors and isolated patients with award-winning patient-first digital-first technology

VANCOUVER/SYDNEY, Sept. 6th, 2022 In the evolving digital health industry, a newly merged company is on a mission to help healthcare and transform lives. RxMx and Curatio, backed by private equity firm Pemba Capital Partners, have merged to form RxPx.

RxPx is positioned to become the global leader in patient management software for life sciences companies globally. The combined strengths of newly merged RxMx and Curatio will deliver next level solutions to transform the lives of patients, especially those on specialty therapies.

The name RxPx combines Rx for prescription medication and Px for patient experience. With a mission of No Patient Alone, RxPx provides an end to end workflow solution that reduces burden on doctors, and supports patients at scale. The merger comes at a time when health systems are collapsing, pharmaceutical companies are undergoing massive change, and patients are increasingly relying on digital options.

RxPx is used in over 100 countries, available in 15 languages and has been designed specifically for the privacy, security and compliance needs of healthcare. RxMx was started by doctors for doctors to support physician workflows through automated processes that increase speed and access to therapy. Curatio was started by patients for patients as a social health prescription, enabling any healthcare organization to easily deliver private, personalized social support, education, daily coaching and adherence tracking.

“The need for a social health prescription is increasingly urgent and the level of physician burnout is a serious concern for the entire ecosystem.,” says RxPx CEO Lynda Brown-Ganzert. “Any healthcare organization can use the RxPx solution, and brand it for their program, therapy, clinic or membership.”

“Our case studies show patients are able to get on therapy in a fraction of the time that it would usually take,” says RxMx co-founder and RxPx Chief Commercial Officer David Gahan. “We support physicians in making complex decisions by automating as many processes as possible. The amount of time and paperwork involved in prescribing and monitoring these specialty medicines has been drastically reduced.”

The positive impacts of this merger will be immediately visible within the healthcare industry as healthcare organizations leveraging the combined offering can expect to see the strain on physicians eased. The merger benefits patients who not only get on therapy faster and more safely, but who also feel supported by their peers in their own health journey.

Both platforms have been a success with patients, with 94% of users still using RxMx one year later. In a Curatio case study where a pharmaceutical company was losing patients early due to a manageable side-effect, 92% of the users remained on therapy leveraging the peer-to-peer social network solution. Case studies for both companies have shown user adherence rates reaching 90%.

“We really are on a mission to transform lives,” says Brown-Ganzert. “No patient should be alone and without support when dealing with a health challenge, and no doctor should be without the tools to easily and safely onboard their patient onto a new therapy or program. We’re simply two passionate teams of doctors, patients and digital experts that want to empower our customers and partners to deliver better healthcare for everyone.”

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