Robo-Advisor Platform Launches Across Canada for Independent Advisors

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‘PPI Valet powered by WealthBar’ gives advisors online convenience and access to premium investments for clients.

VANCOUVER, BC – Independent advisors across Canada now have a new way to deliver enhanced investment options to their clients. Robo-advisor WealthBar and PPI, a national insurance marketing firm, have officially launched PPI Valet.

The companies teamed up to make this roll-out happen. “This new and easy-to-use online platform will help independent advisors to do less paperwork and spend more time serving clients and growing their business,” said Tea Nicola, CEO and Co-Founder of WealthBar. “Every advisor across the country can leverage the expertise of registered portfolio managers and the assurance of regulatory compliance, without needing to have that expertise in-house. We’ll be covering all of that, so the advisors can deliver better value for their clients.”

“For clients, this means they can tap into lower-cost wealth management while staying with their advisor,” Nicola added. “After all, they have this relationship with someone who already understands where they are at in terms of their financial situation and overall needs. We’re not replacing that relationship. This solution enhances it.”

PPI Valet also provides a range of marketing support and online tools as a value-add for advisors. “As we keep adding new features that advisors want, we’re excited to see how fast this can grow,” said Jim Virtue, President and CEO of PPI Solutions. “This innovative robo- advisor platform gives advisors increased choice and convenience, which is exactly what they have been asking for.”

“We’ve already seen a lot of enthusiasm for what’s being offered, through the early-access pilot phase,” Virtue added. “We expect that enthusiasm to grow as more advisors find out what they can get through PPI Valet. Low-cost, professionally managed portfolios. Assured regulatory compliance. WealthBar handles the monitoring and rebalancing of accounts. It’s just a win-win for us to work together.”

About WealthBar

WealthBar is Canada’s first full-service online robo-advisor. They help Canadians build their brightest future possible through easy, low cost investing. WealthBar brings private wealth management expertise to investors, whether they have $5,000 or $5 million. Clients get diversified portfolios, financial planning tools, an easy-to-use online investor dashboard and much more.

About PPI

PPI connects advisors and their clients with precisely what they need to achieve leading-edge financial solutions. As an insurance marketing organization, PPI offers actuarial, tax and specialized expertise in all aspects of life insurance, and specifically in its design and custom application. PPI delivers the calibre of estate planning and technical support for advisors that helps Canadians to plan ahead.

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