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Vancouver tech start-up Realty Butler expands to serve Toronto residential REALTORS®

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Toronto, ON October 26, 2017:  High growth tech start-up Realty Butler launches in Toronto this month, taking the knowledge and success gained in the booming Vancouver real estate market to free local residential REALTORS® from the stress and worry of managing their online presence. Success in real estate is all about building a network of human connections, said Rebecca Troelstra, co-founder and COO of Realty Butler. Now these networks need to also be built online. REALTORS® are very good at dealing with people but their online needs were not being met by pure technology solutions or by website agencies that claim to understand how to maintain online presence, she explained. After observing the widening knowledge gap between REALTORS® and new technology, Realty Butler co-founders spent years developing technologies that combine simple online solutions specifically for residential REALTORS® with accessible, live support from Realty Butler’s team of experts. We utilise technology and add a human touch to perform those tasks much more efficiently. Our products give REALTORS® back their time so they can focus on the real estate market, their clients and ultimately, helping people find their dream homes, said Troelstra. Realty Butler brings three core services to residential REALTORS® who want to a time-saving way to manage their online presence: website creation and maintenance, social media advertising, and newsletter marketing. With Realty Butler, REALTORS® don’t need to log in to an app or a backend and do these overwhelming daily tasks on their own. They can just phone or send us an email and one of our staff can take care of it, added Troelstra. By signing up for integrated packages, REALTORS® get access to both Realty Butler’s technology and team to help with the initial set-up and ongoing updates. Additional add-on services are also available, including blogging, branding and print mail-outs. Realty Butler has now been working with Vancouver residential REALTORS® for over four years, helping them use technology to stay competitive. The company continues to build analytics to understand how best to drive online connections to give residential REALTORS® better insight into their businesses. A venture-backed start-up, Realty Butler has grown from 12 employees to 40 this year, and is expanding their services rapidly across Canada, serving realtors in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and now Toronto. A U.S. expansion is set for 2018. About Realty Butler Realty Butler builds and maintains an online presence for REALTORSÆ, so they can stay connected with their clients and attract new ones. Our products create memorable first impressions, allow for lasting connections, and build new relationships online.